Leaving Home: 5 Tricks for Transitioning from a Home Business to an Office Space

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No matter the reason you are doing it, it’s a big change to transition from a home business to a commercial office space. It is an exciting time, but the transition will also leave you a little nervous. Use these five tricks to make the transition smoothly into your new workspace. Let Your Clients Know […]

Personal Finance: 5 Unique Ways to Earn Some Quick Money

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What happens when emergencies crop up around you or credit suddenly becomes due when you are cash-strapped? How can you find quick fixes without resulting to bureaucratic fixes like bank loans that haunt you in the long run? Here are five practical ways of raising cash for emergencies. Give Blood You can make quick $20 […]

Best 10 Success Tips from Small Business Leaders

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Very few legends or transformers have drastically changed the world. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates might be some of them, but not everyone belongs to the same pedigree. Many times, people lose on their small yet solid business ideas, just because they think the only way to be revolutionary is to play in […]

Time to Own: 3 Reasons You Should Get a Mortgage Instead of Renting

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Many people lease an apartment, condo or single-family home for many years before seriously considering buying a home. The mere thought of applying for a mortgage and committing to one property for a long period of time can seem overwhelming and even intimidating. However, there are considerable benefits that you can enjoy when you give […]

Top Tips for Conquering the Rising Costs of Living Before Retirement

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You are likely to need about $1.3 million to live comfortably when you retire. If you were 25, then you would need to save a little over $100 a week to reach that total. Yet, more than 43 percent of America’s population has less than $25,000 in their retirement account. If you want to retire […]

The Challenges of Proving the Value of Project Management-2

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Last Sunday, I described the challenges of trying to prove the value of project management. However, this does not mean we have to throw up our hands and give up. There are some ways to derive the value. Estimate benefits based on industry analysts This is usually the place to start. Although you may have […]

How You Can Get Back on Budget After the Holidays

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The holidays are for overeating, oversharing, and overspending. Unfortunately, most people often go beyond their budgets during the holiday season. With a long list of gifts to give and family to visit, it’s understandable. However, once it’s all finally over and you’ve had too much pie, here are some helpful tips for getting your budget […]

Save Your Income by Providing House Sitting Services

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House sitting is in high demand today. The house sitting service is required by people such as retirees going on holiday, couples, and singles who have a busy lifestyle. The advantageous thing about a house sitting job is that it is required all year long. The duration of the house sitting job could range from […]

How Your Home Can Help You Make Money

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You may be very familiar with the many different ways that you can save money around the house. For example, you can adjust your thermostat, upgrade to EnergyStar appliances, change your light bulbs and more. You may not realize, however, that you can also put your home to use in different ways to make money, […]

Mortgage Management: How to Pay off Your Home Quickly

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Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest — if not the biggest — financial decisions you will ever make. Mortgages are long-term commitments that will take you many years to pay off. However, there are some ways you can pay off your home more quickly. Get a Shorter Loan Term One of the best […]