10 Ways to Make Money With a Side Hustle

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The internet has graced us with many different ways to make money in our spare time.

Being knowledgeable of the options available is the best way to make sure you are investing your time in something that is worth it.

Here are 10 ways to make money with a side hustle.

10 Ways to Make Money With a Side Hustle
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  1. Sell Your Stuff

    One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, as the saying goes. So get a headstart on your spring cleaning by identifying clothes, furniture, electronics, and more that you don’t use, and sell them! This puts your stuff in good hands and helps you get rid of the clutter while increasing your income.

    There are several ways to sell your things. Consignment shops help you sell your stuff quickly, but they do take a portion of your overall profits. Sell your unused items online through apps like ThredUp, and Letgo. These platforms are really helpful for connecting with individuals looking for a good deal. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are two staples of the repurposing market, so be sure to cross-post your products across all platforms for the quickest sell.

  2. Babysit

    Channel your teenage years and take on some babysitting jobs. Websites like Care.com allow you to search through posts from parents in search of a nanny or part-time babysitter. The platform typically does a background check or some type of vetting to make sure that you are a certified caretaker on their site. Most babysitting jobs are only a few hours but pay out enough to make it worth your time.

  3. Freelance

    Do you consider yourself a writer? Great! There are many side jobs that allow you to put your writing skills to use. Companies such as Fiverr and Upwork provide you with marketing options while connecting you to the right job for yourself. Projects may be editing papers, editing website content, or writing pieces.

    Keep in mind that when you are freelancing, you are responsible for your own productivity. When you’re working alone, it can be hard to stay focus and establishing effective time management. There are resources available for freelancers to help you create invoices and keep you on task. The more efficient you are at writing and submitting, the more money you can earn.

  4. Become a Mystery Shopper

    This gig is bound to combine things you know and love: shopping and making money. Businesses want to know how they are performing from a customer service perspective. By becoming a mystery shopper, you are the outside eyes and ears for a company. Typically a shopper buys in secret and then reports their experience to the retailer. These days this position can actually be done online, so there is no reason for you to even leave your house for this side hustle income.

  5. Rent Out a Room

    Whether you have a permanently unused room in your home or it’s just temporary, consider posting your empty room on Airbnb. The success of Airbnb is giving ordinary people the opportunity to make some extra cash while utilizing a space that doesn’t get any use.

    To make the most money out of this side hustle, make your home available during peak times in your community. If you know that there will be festivals, sporting events, or concerts, make your home available to rent at this time. Make sure that you are complying with any state or city rules before renting out your home or a room in your home.

  6. Take Surveys

    A small amount of income can be made by taking online surveys. Typically the payout isn’t a lot unless you have a lot of time to invest, but there is potential to earn gift cards in this process. Some of the best platforms for surveys are Ipsos i-Say and My Points, offering some of the larger payouts available.

  7. Join Affiliate Marketing

    If you are a blogger or social media guru, you can make money by joining an affiliate marketing program. As an affiliate, you get paid when someone clicks on a partner site link and purchases through them. This is a great way to make a lot of money if you engage in the program.

    Similar to affiliate marketing, brands are using popular social media gurus with large followings to represent their products. By using an already established platform to increase your income, you take advantage of the easiest side hustle around. Brands will typically send products to their ambassadors as well as pay them for the air time and mentions.

  8. Turn Your Hobby Into Income

    If you regularly find yourself sewing, knitting, or painting, turn your hobby into money. By selling your handcrafted pieces on a website like Etsy you can earn plenty of extra money. There is the potential for this to actually become your primary source of income. Some Etsy shop owners report making upwards of $50,000 a year from their online hobby business.

  9. Use Your Car

    There are plenty of delivery platforms available that help to put your vehicle to good use. Companies like Uber, Lyft, and Postmates are available to individuals with a car and a clean driving record. Income on these platforms is typically pay-per-delivery but also often comes with a tip. The benefit of this side hustle is that you create your own schedule and only work when you want to.

  10. Tutor

    Tutoring can be very rewarding. Whether you are a musical genius looking to expand your knowledge onto someone else or you find yourself as a math guru, I guarantee there is something valuable that you can teach someone else. Platforms like Tutor.com and VIPKID make it easy to connect with individuals looking to learn. Typically you don’t have to have an advanced college degree to become a tutor, but you do need a degree.


Anytime you decide to invest your time into something, you need to make sure that you are being paid proportionately. Ask yourself, “what are you worth?” when deciding which side hustle is the best for your lifestyle and income needs. This way you can determine how much you’d like to make an hour while making sure not to lose out on potential income.

Whether you are looking to make a permanent career change, hoping to become an entrepreneur, or just wanting to supplement your income with a side hustle, ask yourself if you are in the right job now. By reaching out beyond your 9-5 desk job, you may end up finding a different career path that suits you well. Or you might just end up making a ton of extra money.

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