10 Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen

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Some people would consider the kitchen as the most important part of their home. While it has a lot of activity and importance, it also takes up a lot of energy and money.

Kitchen remodels can be an expensive touch-up project for your home, but they provide value to the house and make the stomach of your home look great.

However, your kitchen remodel isn’t the only thing that’s wasting money in your kitchen—cooking and cleaning are also reasons for excessive spending.

Check out some tips for saving money on all things kitchen.

  1. Install your own kitchen backsplash

    This is one kitchen remodel process that you can dedicate a weekend to and get done. A backsplash can go under or over your cabinets, behind your sink, or behind your stove. It’s a great way to add color and modernize your kitchen.

  2. Buy used appliances

    Refurbished appliances and second-hand appliances can come in handy for saving energy and for your budget. Antique shops, second-hand stores, and classified ads are all the places you can start to look. Before buying a used appliance, make sure that the appliance is in good shape.

  3. Start your own garden

    This does not necessarily need to be in your kitchen, but by starting a garden with fresh produce, you can cut your grocery bill significantly. Produce is one of the more expensive items at some grocery stores, so you’ll definitely be reducing these costs. Additionally, growing your own plants can help with planet sustainability.

  4. Consider alternative cooking methods

    According to House Method, cooking on the stove uses a lot of energy, which can increase your utility bill. Try cooking in the microwave or grilling out instead. In addition, if you have a toaster oven, use that instead of the conventional.

  5. Make french press or drip coffee

    Keurigs and standard coffee makers have to stay plugged in constantly and can take up some of your energy bill. By using other methods like a french press or a drip for both your coffee and tea, you can unplug your other devices and save on plastic from K-Cups and instant packs.

  6. Grocery shop on Wednesdays

    In general, when you go grocery shopping, Wednesdays are the best days because some deals and specials from the week prior are still going on. This can get you what some people refer to as “double savings.”

  7. Meal prep

    If you have little time during the week, this may be a great option for you. Preparing meals not only saves time, but it can save money by utilizing all groceries bought instead of buying excess quick meals. You also can save on your energy bill from using cooking appliances just once throughout the week.

  8. Clean with homemade cleaners

    Cleaning supplies are expensive, so try cleaning your kitchen with natural home-made products. Many cleaners are acidic-based which can come from lemons or other citrus fruits. There are a lot of home remedies for cleaning that you can use before buying a $10 cleaner.

  9. Wash dishes as you go

    When you cook, try your best not to use the dishwasher to clean. You can use your sink and your homemade products to get a sparkling clean, instead of raising the energy bill with the dishwasher that runs for a continuous time period.

  10. Buy reusable kitchen items

    Kitchen items like napkins, paper towels, and sponges are all items that can be switched out for reusable alternatives. Buy kitchen cloths instead of paper towels and durable scrubbing tools. These will last you a long time and save on the repetitive buying habit of other items.

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