20 Top Tips for Traveling on Budget

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Do you plan some trip in the near future? So many destinations are available, and you must decide where to go and how long to stay.

At the same time, you need to plan your budget. Why not saving money and experience the same thing at a lower price?

Here are the best tips to travel on a budget and see all those fantastic destinations you dream about. 

20 Top Tips for Traveling on Budget

  1. Book in advance

    This may sound obvious, but many travelers do not use this opportunity. When you book in advance, you get a much better price. This applies to train tickets as well as plane tickets. You can also get discounts on some popular excursions in the desired country. 

  2. Be on time

    Once you reserve the ticket for some museum or attraction, make an effort to show up on time because the next tour might be much more expensive. If you saved money by early booking, make sure that you show up there at the right time. 

  3. Stay open-minded

    Travelers are usually open-minded personas, but it is good to mention how important this quality is during long trips. Sometimes, you can see the closed hours at the doors of some museum or theatre, but this should not make you go back discouraged. Be ready to change the route and visit some other nearby place. You might experience something more interesting than you even expect. At the same time, it could be completely free of charge.

  4. Join the clubs

    There are so many online and offline clubs where adventurers gather. They all share tips and trick for saving money during traveling, and you should hear what they have to say. Ask questions and share your experiences about some destinations. This may help others travel on the budget next time they visit a specific country.

  5. Stay informed

    How many times have you found yourself ripped off by some taxi driver? This is the thing we all experience sometimes. Taxi drivers in some countries are simply rude, and they take advantage of travelers. It is good to inform yourself about alternative ways of reaching the right destination.

  6. Travel on Tuesdays

    It might be surprising, but many flight companies have cheaper flights on Tuesdays. This is not a busy day in most parts of the world, so you will be able to find a good flight on this day.

  7. Book a hostels or campsite

    You probably know how cheap hostels and campsite are comparing to hotels and private accommodations. Booking a bed in a hostel is also much more interesting since so many people here travel on a budget and come to find some new friends. Same as for campsite with just carrying a sleeping bag can save you a lot of money in your travel.

  8. Look around

    When you are in some country, it’s important to search for the best deals. You may find some good deals all around the place. Starting from the bus tickets to cheaper tours and excursions, many local companies offer something interesting.

  9. Talk to locals

    You might be surprised how many important details you can find out from locals. Many of them are well-informed about places where you can buy cheap souvenirs, food, and clothes. They can also show you some places you cannot see in tour guide books and official presentations.

  10. Ask for discounts

    When you are at the local market, be ready to pay the price that is lower than suggested. Many local markets are perfect places for bargaining, like markets in Turkey or Egypt. Locals there are offended if you do not bargain which is extremely good when you travel on a budget.

  11. Buy cheap foods

    Some hostels offer free food all day long. These are rare, but most of them offer free breakfast, and you will find this option all over the world. For other meals during the day, you can shop in grocery stores that offer cheap products, or you can connect to local producers and buy the food at a lower price than in official stores.

  12. Save on parties

    You don’t have to spend tons of money in local bars and clubs when you are searching for some fun. Your new friends from a hostel can organize a party at the beach or some other place ideal for gatherings. Drinks from local grocery stores will be much cheaper than in bars and clubs.

  13. Learn the language

    Many places in the world have one price for locals and another one for tourists. If you learn some basic words and enter the shop, you can get a much more affordable price for the same thing. Learning a language can save you much money.

  14. Take local tours

    Many tours are free of charge, and you can learn more about them at the hostel or the local offices for tourists. Tour guides are well-informed and educated, and you can find out more interesting facts about the place at no cost.

  15. Work and travel

    Have you ever considered making money while on the road? This could be a perfect way to save and even earn money when traveling. Hostels and local restaurants offer free accommodation and food for tourists who want to give a hand and work for a few hours a day. What a great way to meet locals and earn money!

  16. Visit free museums

    When you are in a city like Berlin or London, you will have an opportunity to visit many museums and cultural events at no cost. Many other cities offer these options on the specific days of the week, so you can book the tour and see something interesting without the need to carry a wallet.

  17. Take a bike

    Sometimes, a bike can take you places you cannot see with local transportation options. A bus is usually expensive, as well as a taxi cab. Renting a bike could be an ideal solution to explore the place and discover some amazing parts of the city. If you travel on budget in some rural areas, a bike is also a good solution for spending more time in nature.

  18. Cook at the hostel

    When you are at the hostel, you usually have the opportunity to use a kitchen. This is a perfect option to save money and prepare some good meals. Lunch at the hostel will be much cheaper than lunch at the local restaurant.

  19. Use the maps

    A good map can save you a lot of time and money when you travel on budget. Take the most affordable route and always know where are you going and how long you’ll stay there. Transportation methods are much cheaper when you plan everything upfront.

  20. Savor the moment

    Sometimes, it’s not all about money. Traveling and meeting new people will make you rich in experiences, and that is what makes a real difference. Savor every moment and remember to breathe deeply wherever you are. It’s free and unforgettable!

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