With fear of inflation, TIPS are in abundance

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In finance, the fear of inflation makes you change your investment strategies. One strategy can be to invest in exchange-traded funds – ETF – holding Treasury inflation-protected securities commonly know as TIPS. They are basically government-issued bonds. So far this year, investors have poured in more than $17 billion into funds that invest in TIPS. […]

In job searches, exhaust free options before paying for a pro

Tuesday, September 29, 2009, 9:14 AM | 2 Comments

With job searches now averaging 25 weeks, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who doesn’t want help marketing themselves? You can do that yourself. You would know it, one way or another, in a few weeks whether the free path to get a job is working or not. I personally don’t like the […]

Banks Are Starting To Warm Up To Small-Business Owners

Sunday, September 27, 2009, 8:30 AM | 2 Comments

On Wednesday September 23, 2009, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.’s Chase Card Services formally launched four cards aimed at small-business owners, including a charge card that would require customers to pay in full every month. Some banking experts say that small-business owners have been among the most severely hurt by the credit crisis, as banks, […]

You Could Put Unused Vacation Days Into Your 401(k)

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Your vacation or left-over sick days can pay you dividend if your company allows it. It can be any profit-sharing plan for that matter. Let’s hope your company amends its benefit plans to allow it. “The techniques are available for use with all qualified plans, which include 401(k), Keogh and profit-sharing plans but not IRAs […]

Beware Of Banks Hidden Charges

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In the wake of the uproar over bank fees charged to debit card holders, banking giants Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase announced Tuesday drastic changes to their overdraft policies. However, there is a long list of fees that people pay that doesn’t require any type of acknowledgment on the part of the consumer. Watch […]

Have flexibility and make good money in these jobs

Thursday, September 24, 2009, 10:02 AM | 2 Comments

I know it doesn’t sound good. The unemployed can’t get a job whether the job environment is flexible or not. They just want a job. However, juggling kids, caring for aging parents, making visits to the dentist, enjoying a week of sanity at a beach resort, and rounding up the troops for a holiday meal […]

3 Steps To Take Charge Of Your Finances

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The last year and a half, we have gone through a lot, to say the least, in our finances. Good or bad times, we must keep these three basic principles in mind to help you regain control of your finances. Also, you need to focus and concentrate on your personal finances, especially your debt. Don’t […]

Ever wonder about the numbers on your personal check?

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A couple of years ago, I wanted to transfer money from my bank to a mortgage company. I usually pay using my bank online paying system. But this time, I was late in making the monthly payment. In order to not having the company charge me late fee, I called the customer service and they […]

Have more control over your homeownership future

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Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments? If you have, don’t despair. Don’t think about defaulting on your mortgage loan. By following these steps, you can have more control over your home-ownership future than you think. So then, how to find the money you need You don’t necessarily have to have a checking account […]

What are Splits and Buybacks – an explanation

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A while back, I read online about a company’s stock being split and another had announced buybacks of its shares. Some financial experts had commented on that news without realizing to explain what these two terms actually mean. So I did some research and here is the description in simple terms what they mean. Stock […]