Understand How You Will Use Your Credit Card

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Before finding the right credit card, you will need to determine how you will use it and what factors are important to you. Don’t just apply for a credit card when you receive an application in the mail. Read the fine print. Consider the following how you will use your credit card: Carry over balance […]

Understand Major Features Of A Credit Card

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Understand the major features of a credit card before you choose one. Everything you always wanted to know about credit cards but were afraid to ask. All of us, some with good, others with not so good credit score, have received letters of applications from different credit card companies. I remember when I first received […]

How The Young Can Build Strong Financial Foundation

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The pension plan in most companies are on the path of extinction. The Social Security finances have been beaten to death in news and comments by all experts with no positive and beneficial result to the common man and woman in the U.S. Folks who are living in retirement or are close to it have […]

8 Choices Available To You If Laid Off At 50 or Older

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If you have been laid off at an older age – 50 and above – or still working but have been averting your eyes from the depressing headlines about the economy and high unemployment rate, it’s time to face reality. You could be next. With your 401(k) decimated, you are probably resigned to working longer […]