Stretch Grace Period On Your Credit Cards

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Credit-card issuers give you grace period to pay your bill. This period starts from the time when you buy something to when you have to pay your credit-card bill and amounts to an interest-free loan, as long as you pay off the balance in full by the due date. Here’s a way to stretch those […]

Tips To Avoid Making Credit Mistakes

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You need to have a good credit score to take out a loan for mortgage, auto or perhaps even get a new credit card (make the last one a question mark). On these pages, I have talked about improving your credit score. This is yet another attempt – a reminder to avoid the obvious and […]

To Build Your Credit, You Have Options

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A nephew of mine is visiting from the old country. He just got his Green Card. He applied for a credit card at his bank but was denied. One of the credit report companies sent him a letter that he had no credit history. He must first build his credit history and then apply for […]

Pros And Cons Of Charging Everything To Plastic

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There are definite advantages as well as disadvantages of charging everything to your credit card. If you have developed discipline over the years to pay off your credit card bills in full before the due date every month, then you can keep using credit cards safely and soundly. Otherwise, the disadvantages take over and you […]

Tips To prevent Credit or Charge Card Fraud

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It’s not always possible to prevent credit or charge card fraud from happening. But there are a few steps you can take to make it more difficult for a scum to capture your card or card numbers and minimize the possibility. Mind you nothing in this regard is fool-proof. You can only minimize the financial […]

Tips For Improving Relationships With Your Creditors

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In this lousy market, many more folks have been contacted by creditors – credit cards, mortgage, bank loans and the like – in recent days and months. These good folks, because of the circumstances that are mostly not in their control, have been late in their repayment of loans. Here are tips to be proactive […]

Preparation For Interview Gives You Best Leverage

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Preparing for interview is your best leverage to get the job of your dreams or just a job, period. You need lever of preparation to land a suitable job enough to get you through the current high unemployment days. It is often said that resume’ can get you to interview which in turn can actually […]

7 Ways To Get Most Benefits From Credit Cards

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Whether the credit crunch is still on or not, we must take utmost care to use credit cards for our needs and not our wishes. Some experts say the red light for consumer credit crunch is still ON. It’s hard, extremely hard for some, but you have to use your credit cards wisely and more […]

Tips For How Much Money Needed To Retire Comfortably

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Searching for some information through my favorite search engine, I came across a statement. “There is no rule of thumb per say how much you need to retire comfortably.” Most financial advisers agree that, perhaps, the first few years of your retirement, your yearly income should be about 80% of your income just before you […]

5 Tips To Manage Your Project Tasks Successfully

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A time comes in your working life that you are required to perform successfully in multiple tasks environment. This is especially true when you work as a Project Manager. In a typical project, you usually have too much work to do and, needless to say, not enough time to do it within the original schedule. […]