How Using Cash Can Save You More Money Than A Credit Card

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There are a few legitimate reasons to keep a credit card in your wallet. It can save the day if you’re faced with an emergency situation, like a car breakdown, when you’re low on funds. Moderate and responsible use also builds credit history, which can help you secure a good interest rate for a larger […]

Starting Fresh: Four Ways to Recover Your Personal Finances

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If you have experienced a financial setback, there are certain steps you can take in order to get things back on track. Whether your personal finances have plummeted due to job loss, medical expenses or illness, assessing the situation and creating a plan will give you the chance to prioritize your budget. You can also […]

Six Make or Break Details That Food Entrepreneurs Should Not Ignore

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Everyone who wants to open their own restaurant has a menu in mind, and they know that they can cook. However, without these six details in place, no restaurant can succeed in the long term. Take each one and consider it carefully before opening the doors of a new eatery. Changing Menus Every customer has […]

How Can I Fix My Poor Credit? Credit Repair Techniques & Tips

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As the economy begins to recover, there are more people than ever that are staring at a poor credit report. The good news is that there are steps you can take to repair your credit and get your rating back up to a high level. The First Step in Credit Repair Before you start to […]

Finding Savings: Six Tricks to Saving on Your Electric Bill

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Are you looking for some easy ways to save money on your electric bills this year? Fortunately, there are many great tips and tricks to save hundreds or thousands of dollars. Install Energy Efficient Windows Using energy efficient windows is a great way to better regulate the temperature inside your home. When your home is […]

Seven Ways to Save Money at the Dentist’s Office

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If you have been to the dentist lately, you know that it can be expensive. This is especially true if you have children. Fortunately, there are seven ways to save money at the dentist’s office. Form of Payment Many dentist offices offer discounts based on your form of payment. For example, you may get a […]

Peace of Mind: 4 Reasons You Should Invest in Insurance

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If you have been toying around with the idea of buying insurance, you should know that there are some very important reasons you may need insurance in the future. Here are four reasons you should invest in insurance. Disability Insurance There is a good chance that you could become disabled either partially or totally during […]

How Having Good Morals Saves You Money In More Ways Than One

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Good morals, ethics, or simply treating others the way that you want to be treated yourself are not just a sound way to enjoy an existence with less conflict and more spirituality but it can also result in a boon to your finances. Having a strong moral framework for your actions allows you to consider […]

Need Quick Cash? Avoid These 4 Risky Methods for Getting Fast Cash

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When times are hard and the budget is tight and there is not enough money to pay the bills and put food in the fridge, the natural desire is to find money and find it fast. While there are some sound methods to use if you’re really in a bind, you must be careful. If […]

Looking For Fast Ways To Make Money? 6 Ideas You Haven’t Considered

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Anybody can come into a situation where they need to make quick cash. Here are 5 ways to make legitimate money fast. Sell Scrap Metal Metal recyclers and scrap yards will pay by the pound for new or used items made from non-ferrous metals like brass, copper, and aluminum, or ferrous materials like iron and […]