How to Get Recognition for your Projects

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Do you feel that you don’t get the reward and recognition you deserve? It may be that you’re so focused on your projects that you haven’t had a chance to tell others about the value you’re providing. To be seen as a successful Project Manager, you need to boost your personal brand so that others […]

Boost Your Income – How to Make More on the Side

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Over the past few decades, salaries have simply not kept up with inflation and many of us are hurting for cash. When your income is not enough to pay off a debt or buy gifts for the holidays it becomes necessary to look for another way to add to your income. There is no ultimate […]

Heating Bill Bingo: How to Lower Your Monthly Home Costs

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As the temperatures drop and the use of heating utilities begin to rise, you’re left wondering how you can reduce your monthly heating costs without waking up to a blistering cold house when you get out of bed. Many people believe they must compromise their comfort to save money, but that’s not always the case. […]

Four Costly Car Insurance Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Thursday, November 27, 2014, 1:00 AM | 1 Comment

Car insurance is a necessary part of driving. Just because you need insurance does not mean you have to spend a lot of money for it. Unfortunately, many people spend more money on their car insurance than necessary. Here are four common mistakes that drivers make when purchasing their auto insurance policies. Failing to Bargain […]

Prior Art Search

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Every new invention that comes into existence must be patented eventually. This calls for prior art search, a task that determines the uniqueness of the invention and determines whether it is authentic or not. Every year, nearly five million trademarks and patents are filed and with a steady rise in this number, it has become […]

Let’s Settle This: What You Should Know about Structured Settlements

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When an injured person agrees to settle a personal injury claim, it’s ordinarily done by signing off on a release of claims and acceptance of a lump sum amount of money as compensation for their injury. In a structured settlement, that claimant would agree to settle their injury claim by signing the release. Rather than […]

How Can Entrepreneurship Contribute To the Society?

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Entrepreneurship is a popular means of growing your assets in the market. They are the primary keys to acquiring wealth. Once you venture into the market of entrepreneurship, you make a valuable contribution to society, too. As an entrepreneur, you’ll be the driving force behind national economic growth. Make the right decision today. Learn how […]

5 Steps Project Manager Needs To Reduce Project Stress

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Most project teams become stressed at some point. How you manage this stress will directly effect your ability to deliver the project on time and within budget. We all know what stress is. It is the thing that makes your hair turn grey and your frowns appear more often then smiles. It is natural that […]

How to Pick the Right Commercial Safe For Your Business

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You have now decided to purchase a safe for your business. You may have contacted a variety of safe companies within your area. You may be asking yourself how do I decide which safe is best for my business? You may have already seen a variety of brands, and you may have come in contact […]

Fresh Start Family: How to Finance Your First House

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The idea of buying your first home can be very exciting. You don’t have to worry about renting from someone else anymore, and can finally own something of value. However, buying your first house will take a lot of careful preparation. Here are some great tips on how to finance your first house, and how […]