Helpful Money Saving Tips for Unemployed

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Life always puts you in different situations to make you solve problems and the most common issues always deal with money and your financial life. So if you find yourself in front of financial necessity with no savings and no regular income, as you have been fired from the last working place, you will definitely […]

Master Your Goal Setting Skills And Improve Career

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At your place of work, you must have thought about how to step up the ladder to advancing your career. But just thinking and wishing are not enough. You cannot improve on your job position by sitting on your ass and not doing anything about it. You have to take action. One of the ways […]

Refinancing Your House: Is it a Help or Hindrance in the Long Run?

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According to CNN Money, millions of homeowners in America are paying far too much for their mortgage and would be better off if they refinanced. For the average person, trying to decide if right now is the best time to refinance your mortgage can be a confusing decision. You want to cut your bills, but […]

Tips for Paying Off a Mortgage in Less Than Five Years

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The biggest monthly bill most people will have to make out each month is related to housing. Whether renting or buying, this expense will be several hundred to several thousand dollars each month. Imagine not having this bill, and the impact it would make on the average family’s budget. Most people will take out a […]

Economic Inequality And The Growing Ranks Of Poor

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Little is being done about economic inequality and the growing ranks of the poor in the US and the world at large. The rich is getting richer and the poor is getting to the very bottom of the financial ladder. The latter folks take one step up on the ladder but then something happens and […]

6 Home Mortgage Tips for the First-Time Buyer

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Shopping for a home can be a long and taxing experience. By paying heed to the following six tips, the average first-time buyer can save significant amounts of money, time and distress throughout the entire home buying process. Beware of Online Scams Today, the Internet is replete with fraudulent “lowest mortgage rate” offers. The perpetrators […]

Use These Five Ideas to Deliver Projects Faster

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I don’t know of anyone that wants to deliver projects slower. So, speed things up using these ideas. As a Project Manager, you will always be under pressure to deliver your project faster than people expect. It’s a tough challenge, but by using the tips and tricks listed below you can deliver your project before […]

Common Errors Businesses Make During Debt Negotiations

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Times are tougher economically than they have been for decades. Small to medium sized businesses are being hit the hardest and are struggling to pay back debts – particularly if they have debtors of their own who are not paying or not responding to invoices and regular requests for payment. Having trouble paying creditors and […]

Things every real estate financer should know before reaching an agreement

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The real estate market needs to be studied by all real estate investors that are here to make money. The history and the location of a place play a major role in determining its value. Instead of wondering how to put your step forward, you may beat the current trends if you follow a few […]

How to get out Financially Alive after a Personal Injury Lawsuit

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An accident can be financially devastating to victims. Serious injuries lead to high medical costs and could easily drain the funds of the one involved. Fortunately, you can recover your lost funds by making a personal injury claim. This claim covers compensation for lost wages, medical costs and other losses to help you recover financially […]