Psychological and Health Characteristics of Dating Later in Life

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Life doesn’t end for people older than 50 even though it may be difficult to imagine starting something over then. Society has gone a long way in the past couple of decades, as well as did medicine and cosmetics, so it’s more comfortable to enjoy life and be free to experience things even in that […]

Teen Drivers: How You Can Save Money on Car Repair

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Years ago if teenagers wanted to drive, it was usually the family car they would take for everything from going to the movies to a prom. Nowadays, teenagers have a lot more privilege and freedoms many of their parents and grandparents did not have. However, teens are the most accident-prone drivers on the road. Youths […]

Common Problems of Doing too Much Exercise

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You might have a good intention when you decide to start exercising but beware, because in certain scenarios you might be doing more harm than good. If you put too much stress on your body, you risk triggering something that is called leaky gut syndrome. Other than this nasty condition, there are also risks relating […]

Managing Your Investment: How to Plan for Risk in Your Investment Portfolio

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In the world of investing, one of the more basic concepts is the tradeoff between risk and reward. In the case of almost every financial instrument ever created, increased potential rewards are balanced by increased risk. As such, one of the most important things you can do as an investor is to manage and plan […]

6 Ways to Achieve Better Money Habits

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“It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits” Charles A. Jaffe So it’s 2017, and everyone is looking for ways to have better money habits. Nevertheless, the bad news is, very few people have been able to put their excessive spending habit in check and here’s why. Many times, people tend […]

Tax Concerns for Homeowners After Natural Disasters

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The end of summer 2017 is not looking good. If you turn on the news, you will likely see coverage of natural disasters, such as floods in Texas, hurricanes building in the Caribbean, and wildfires raging across the western United States. Hopefully, your primary reaction is a humanitarian one. After that, your thoughts may wander […]

Home Renovation: How to Boost Your Cash Flow for Large Home Improvement Projects

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The first goal is to come to terms with why you want to renovate. A major renovation is major, and homeowners should do it for the right reasons. Decide whether it is to increase the home’s value, or if you are looking to sell, or if you plan to live in it for years to […]

4 Ways to Manage Your Finances after Experiencing an Injury

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When you have an injury that reduces your ability to work, personal finance can become a big source of stress. There are tactics you can use to make your dollar go further and save more money during this difficult time. The key is to not panic and to be careful about how you spend money. […]

Finance Finesse: 3 Ways To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Appliances

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Household appliances are an investment, so it makes sense to take good care of them. Well-maintained water heaters, stoves, and refrigerators can provide you with many years, sometimes even decades, of service. Here are three things you can do to get the most value out of your appliances: Keep Appliances Clean Clean your appliances regularly […]

6 Effective Personal Finance Tips for Busy Millennials

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The new generation of millennials have built a brand new value system and handling money is not an important part of their life at all. Unfortunately for you, dear fellow millennial, you still live in the age of capitalism and the only way to survive is to adapt, especially when it comes to finances. There […]