The 4 Best Ways for Funding Startups

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In order to launch a successful startup, you need vision, a carefully chosen team and a great deal of energy. However, this is not enough – the hunt for the funds is an equally important and difficult part of it. It’s quite distressing to know that, for example, 40 percent of startup companies in the […]

In an Auto Accident? How to Get the Proper Compensation You Deserve

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Even if you escape an auto accident unharmed, the collision will usually cause damage to your vehicle that can run you thousands in repair or replacement costs. Luckily, if you do have the misfortune of being in an accident, you can often receive compensation to cover the costs of medical bills, repairs, or replacement costs. […]

Reasons Why Some People Use Freight Forwarding Companies and Others Don’t

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If you have goods that you want transported internationally, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and let a freight forwarding company handle the move for you. Taking care of all the paper work and details that are required for such a move can be quite a tedious process. Here are the reasons why […]

Is Technology Changing the Nature of Project Management?

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From time to time, I am asked about whether new technology is changing the nature of project management. It seems like technology is changing faster and faster all the time. But is technology changing project management to any degree? This is an interesting question. Certainly, there are a couple aspects of projects where technology comes […]

Own a Business? 4 Things You Need to Do to Stay Ahead of Financial Risk

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Owning a business involves a substantial increase in the amount of work you do to earn your income. If you are an employee, you make the product, provide the service or just do the job your employer requires of you. If you own the business, you must see to it that production or service is […]

5 Ways Your Teen Can Help You Save Money on Their Braces

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Families have a lot of expenses to deal with and this is the reason why you should be frugal with the available resources in order to save some for the future. If you want to manage your family finances well then you must learn how to spend money in a smart and well informed manner. […]

A Brief Insight into The MacBook Pro – Knowing the Essentials Will Help You Make the Best Selection!

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When it comes to buying MacBook Pro devices, you will find that you have many choices in this range. You can get two screen sizes, and if you do not want the TouchBar, you can opt for a model without it as well. The price, of course, will be less but the model you choose […]

Fixing a Faux-Pas: 4 Tips for Making the Most of an Automotive Accident

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A vehicular accident can be a harrowing and stressful experience. While the most important thing is making sure you and anyone else involved are okay, the aftermath can be difficult to deal with. From dealing with damages to determining who’s at fault, there’s a lot to take on. Here are four tips for making the […]

Traveling the Country as a Nomad Retiree

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There are many preconceptions about how we should spend our retirement years. Most of us imagine settling down, claiming our own plot of land, and taking it easy as we live out our golden years. But maybe this prospect doesn’t sit right with you. After exiting the workforce, you want to use your free time […]

After China Ban, Other Cryptocurrencies Get More Attention

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Bitcoin has recovered from losses associated last month with China’s decision to ban initial coin offerings (ICOs) and exchanges, yet it gave pause to many investors looking for alternatives to bitcoin. While Bitcoin is still king of crypto, many investors worry that fraud, abuse and further bans like China’s could hamper continued growth. After Bitcoin […]