Here is the Effect of Solar Power on Your Finances!

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Solar power provides us with an alternative source of electricity. Harnessed from sunlight, solar energy can be used to run appliances and electronics. It can even be stored. Solar power can also be used concurrently with grid electricity in your home. Not only does this provide an alternative power source in case grid electricity goes […]

Hurt at Work? 5 Ways a Workplace Injury Can Hurt Your Family Finances

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A workplace injury can devastate a family’s finances if no worker’s compensation or disability payments are provided afterwards. There are numerous ways that an injury can cause a family to lose money. The following are five of the most important ways that a workplace injury can hurt your family’s finances: Reduced Income If a workplace […]

Builders Exchange- Creating a Network for the Construction Industry

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Construction associations and builders exchanges are known for their traditions that have withstood the test of time and commitment to establishing long-standing relationships within the construction industry. These traditions are based on bridging various needs of suppliers, vendors, subcontractors, contractors, design communities, architects and owners by providing an interconnected system of construction information and news […]

Bailing out a Loved One? Financial Alternatives When You Don’t Have Cash or Collateral

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When a loved one is accused of committing an offense, the prosecution has to provide proof for them to be declared guilty. At times, the process is fast if the evidence is available, but in certain cases the accused person awaits trial outside the jail after posting bail. What if you do not have the […]

How to Properly Use Your Buying Power When Purchasing a New Vehicle

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If you are ready to invest in a new vehicle, then it is an excellent idea to plan ahead by researching the best deals. There are several ways to leverage your buying power when you are shopping for a new vehicle, so you should begin the process of saving money immediately. Check Your Personal Credit […]

4 Interesting Reasons People Invest in Physical Assets

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Some of the more common investments are stocks, bond, mutual funds and CDs. In most cases, these are intangible assets. You simply see them being reported on your financial statements. While investors commonly include some or all of these assets in a strong portfolio, there is also an inclination to purchase tangible or physical assets. […]

Practice These Nine Ways to Manage Your Projects (Part 2 of 2)

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After you’ve started up and planned your project, you’ll move into the execution (or “delivery”) phase in the project life cycle. This is the longest phase in the project, since it is in this phase that the deliverables are built for the customer. As a project manager you need to manage the work and monitor […]

Finance 101: 4 Tips to Saving Money for Your Future Investments

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If you want to invest, you will need to first raise capital to do so. This is true whether you want to invest in stocks, real estate or anything else that you think will appreciate in value. What are some ways to save money to make those future investments? Have a Financial Plan Creating a […]

Renting, Buying or Selling? Here Are 5 Tips to Help You Choose Your Real estate Agent

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There is a lot that you have to put into consideration when it comes to selling, renting or buying property. However, the most important thing is to make sure that you are working with the best and the most experienced real estate agent in the business. Believe it or not, a real estate agent can […]

How to Set up a Will for Your Children to Benefit From

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Thinking about your own death is never a pleasant experience, but preparing a will is a necessary part of life. Particularly if you’re a parent, creating a will and ensuring that it specifies your exact wishes is critical. You’ll want to set up a will that your children will benefit from, but how do you […]