Scrap or Crap: Common Items that are More Valuable than You Might Think

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If you have been looking for new ways to make a little extra money, then it might be time to go through the boxes in your attic, closet, or garage. Some of your older possessions could be worth quite a bit of money if you can find the right buyer. Here is a quick glance […]

7 Questions You Need Answers To Before You Hire a Divorce Attorney

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Marriage has always been something that most people forward to. Some people believe that this is how you start a family. Currently, marriage as an institution is losing popularity, this according to This is due to the many divorce cases that happen annually. The question is what or who is to blame for all […]

5 Household Items to Splurge On

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Ah, the question of all questions – to splurge or skimp? It’s easy to want to splurge on luxury items like a new car, camera, or electronic device. However, there are a few (not so fun?) household items that should get some lovin’ before you drop the big bucks on other personal items. Life is […]

Designing a Beautiful User Interface is Essential for Your Business Website

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One of the most important considerations about the design of anything which is made for public use is the user interface. There can be a number of industrial designers and even some graphic designers who can use certain styles of user interface principles in the design of their works, but it is essential in its […]

Halloween on a Budget: How to Create a Great Costume for Cheap

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Halloween is one of the most anticipated events of the year. People love dressing up, going to glitzy parties and eating delectable candies of all varieties. If you want to make the most out of Halloween without spending an arm and a leg, you can do so, too. Throwing together a wonderful costume can actually […]

Agile101 – Use the Product Backlog to Hold Work

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In an Agile project you don’t create large documents to hold user requirements. In fact you don’t need a traditional document at all. The Agile technique is to create a product backlog. The backlog is simply the prioritized collection of work that is remaining on a project. This could be a spreadsheet or table. It […]

The Future of Steel Fabrication in Manufacturing and Construction

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Steel fabrication continues to be an integral component of the process of manufacturing. From parts of planes to paper clips, it is used for the purpose of creating a wide range of products. It is an important step towards creating virtually everything, from pipes and car parts to tools and hardware. Fabricated steel products account […]

3 Tips You Should Always Follow When Starting a Business

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Being your own boss is one of the best ideas you can come up with. This is what rings in most people’s minds when someone mentions something like starting their own business. What they forget is self-employment can be as difficult as your daily grind; this is according to People don’t understand how challenging […]

Making Big Decisions Together: A Guide for Newlyweds

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Money. The single greatest cause of marital strife. But it’s an unavoidable part of modern life. If you haven’t had a serious talk about money in your relationship, then the time to start is now. Here’s the good news: while money woes can drive you apart, they can also bond you together. Talk together about […]

5 Reasons Your Student Loans Keep Growing

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The year is 2018, and student loans are becoming a massive problem for the American populace. According to Student Loan Hero, the average graduating college student has $39,400 in debt, and across all of America there is 1.48 TRILLION dollars in student loan debt. And what’s worse, for many of us suffering from student debt, […]