3 Essentials You Need To Figure Out Before The Construction Of Your New Family House

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Have you ever asked yourself why you see new construction projects coming up everywhere? Well, they are supposed to cater for the increasing population and also increasing needs of families. Perhaps at one point, an individual had a one bedroom house. With time he or she gets a bigger family and he or she has […]

Is Governance Helping You or Slowing You Down?

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We’ve worked with many organizations that have put in place some fairly mature project management processes and implemented what they call ‘Governance’. While we 100% support the practice of providing a defined process around project, program and portfolio management we have detected a trend in organizations experiencing some unintended consequences of governance. Specifically, adopting a […]

How to Stay Financially Stable Despite Unexpected Bills

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Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Part of the challenge of living is learning how to adapt to changes and grow from failures and mistakes. Of course, not all of the unexpected changes in life are going to be something you can tackle, and many of them may create additional challenges. Anything from […]

Banking Bonanza: Why You Need to Save up for the Future

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Life can get pretty expensive. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you reside. You need money to make things happen in this world. If you want your life to be pleasant, comfortable and liberating, then you have to prioritize saving well. Thankfully, saving money for the future doesn’t have to seem intimidating or […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Home-Based Business

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Starting a home-based business is stressful. For many first-time entrepreneurs, the hardest part isn’t filing the paperwork or getting your first customers, it’s navigating the world of business ownership all on your own. It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re figuring it out alone, but in the business world, small mistakes can cost you big. […]

How to Save Money on a Home Renovation

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It’s estimated that nearly half of all home renovations go over budget. Spending too much can be a result of poor planning, lack of organization, or even a case of your eyes being too big for your wallet. But there are plenty of ways to not only stay within your budget, but also save money. […]

Is Life Insurance a Good Strategy For Investments?

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Life insurance is one of the most preferred investment these days. Not only millennial but people across all the age groups prefer to invest in various kind of investment plans. Whether to invest in a life plan is completely your decision. You can take a decision only after going through various plans thoroughly and take […]

Installing a New HVAC System? How to Manage Your Home Repair Budget

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The need for repair work around the household is inevitable. Household appliances break all of the time. They get older. Plumbing system mishaps occur with regularity. Paint on interior walls begins to blister and chip with the passing of time, too. If you want to take charge of the budget for all four home repair […]

Can Promotional Products Help Your Startup Explore New Markets?

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Digital and mobile marketing campaigns are the new-age forms of marketing, but promotional products are the traditional form. So, when someone juxtaposes promotional products with marketing campaigns of start-ups, it seems a little baffling. Startups follow new-age business workflows, and they have modern marketing strategies. Using traditional promotional campaigns for these enterprises seem somewhat counterintuitive. […]

Are You a Nervous Presenter? Use These Six Tips to Feel Confident

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It is said that all people fear two things – death and public speaking. Having to present in front of others can be nerve-racking – even for experienced speakers. You are not going to find the answers in your project Communications Plan. Here are some tips to help you feel more confident. Prepare Nothing gives […]