3 Avoidable Speedbumps to Know About Before Your Family Moves

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If you are like many other people who move to a new home from time to time, you may take numerous steps to prepare for your relocation.

Your ideal moving experience will include a fast and relatively easy relocation that results in you and your loved ones getting settled in without delay. However, many people encounter snags and delays during the relocation process.

By understanding what some of the more common speedbumps are, you can take adequate steps to mitigate these risks and to enjoy a smoother transition.

Avoidable Speedbumps

  1. The Distraction of Kids and Pets

    If you have kids or pets, it is smart to make arrangements for their care ahead of time. Older kids may be able to help with the relocation effort, but smaller kids and pets require your attention on moving day.

    The last thing that you want is to be constantly running after them and keeping them out of your moving team’s way.

    After all, you have your own tasks to tend to on moving day. Consider putting your pets in a kennel for moving day, or ask a close friend to watch kids and pets for you.

  2. A Drawn-out Relocation Process

    Another issue that some people have to deal with on moving day is the project taking much longer than planned.

    When you have everything packed and ready for your movers to transport, it may only take a few hours or less for your movers to load the truck.

    However, if your items are not completely packed or if you do not hire movers, you may spend several days emptying your current home of its contents. This can be stressful, exhausting and disorganized.

  3. Kids Missing Too Much School

    With an in-town relocation, it is possible that your children will not have to miss any school because of the relocation.

    You will need to register them with the new school or school district ahead of time so that they can make the transition as soon as possible.

    If you are planning a long-distance move, your children may miss at least a couple of days of school. However, if you fly to your new hometown over a weekend while the movers drive the truck, your kids may not have to miss any school.

While moving is an experience that can be difficult to fully plan ahead for, you can prepare for these possible bumps in the road. Hiring movers, packing up your entire home and taking other relevant steps will help you to get through the relocation process with reduced stress.

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