3 Big Tips To Experience Growth In Your Career

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Some of the old ways to get another job or grow in your career included head hunters, online job placements and such. The unemployment has inched down below 8% recently. However, there will always be folks getting laid off by one company and getting hired by another. That’s the dynamics of a modern economy. Nothing remains the same.

If you still have a job and luckily more than 92% of the workforce are gainfully employed, the old rules of career management no longer apply.

Instead of passively letting things happen and wait for an opportunity, you must take action and act aggressively.

Though there is a lot of advice available online about how to “recession-proof” your job, you will be in a much better position if you keep the following simple yet effective ideas as part of your career strategy.

  1. Expand and enhance your personal and professional network

    As you know, most jobs are found through networking. By continually increasing your network, you will ensure that you always have contacts to reach out to when you are looking for new opportunities.

    If you are building an online network on a social media site such as LinkedIn, focus on the quality and not the quantity of your contacts. Learn more about LinkedIn.

    Look for people who will be sources of information and who can introduce you to additional contacts and leads. And the reverse must be true as well. You can reciprocate.

  2. Don’t stay passively in your job – keep learning

    It’s tempting to rely on your past experience and skills, but you don’t have to settle into a feeling of security with the belief that the inevitable can never happen to you.

    However, the next new thing is always on the horizon, and if you are not always learning, you are not growing.

    Be willing to adapt and grow. That way, you will continue to find opportunities to use your skills, knowledge and experience.

    Don’t ignore the changes happening in your field. Don’t end up in a situation where you will get stuck for a long time if you are not let go.

  3. Always think about the big picture

    Even though you may be working where details are demanded of you, always keep thinking about the big picture where you presently are fitting in and more importantly where you could be working more effectively.

    Stay aware of trends and events that may affect your career. If you are working in a traditional cubicle office, once in a while, get out and mingle with your colleagues.

    Don’t always just rely on news at your company or industry. And when you hear about new things in your field, try to understand it and see how best you can use that information for your career growth.

In a Nutshell
You need to manage your career with planning and a certain vision more than ever before.

If you are proactive in your approach, your chances to not have to react to economic churns and other events will increase and you will act before anything adverse happens in your career.

People who are willing to adapt, who look beyond what’s happening in their company and industry and more importantly stay connected, will be in a lot better position to experience continued growth and enhancement in their career.

And that can positively affect you personally, your family and friends as well.

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