3 Household Inefficiencies that Cost You Money Every Day

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The purchase and maintenance of our homes is, without a doubt, one of the greatest ongoing expenses any homeowner has to shoulder.

Indeed, if you aren’t operating your house with the same care and efficiency that you would operate a business, you are wasting money every hour of every day.

Fortunately, there are many simple things you can do to save yourself time, money and heartburn.

Here are three great ways that you can reduce household inefficiencies.

3 Household Inefficiencies that Cost You Money Every Day

  1. Your Insulation Is Old or out of Date

    Household insulation keeps your home’s climate regulated by ensuring that its temperature is maintained with minimal energy. Given the amount of energy which escapes through your walls, ceiling, floors and windows, it is vital that your house is properly insulated.

    While a professional can help you with appropriate insulation, there are other low-tech ways to keep your home insulated, including:

    • Putting a rug on the floor to prevent heating loss

    • Purchasing window curtains that can be used for insulation

    • Using draught ceiling tape on your indoor doors

  2. Your Heating and Cooling Systems Need Repair or Upgrading

    Out of date heating and cooling systems can cost major dollars if you don’t keep them up to date. Regular maintenance can ensure that you avoid the most common problems, including broken filters, out of date equipment or thermostat malfunctions.

    Not only can preventative maintenance ensure that your HVAC systems are operating at peak energy efficiency, but it has the added bonus of ensuring that nothing breaks, preventing the need for air conditioning or heating repair later down the line.

  3. You Are Wasting Money on Electricity

    In some energy deregulated states, you can shop around for an energy provider and potentially save hundreds of dollars every year—make sure to check out if your state is deregulated and learn how to shop for electricity in your state.

    There are also no shortage of ways to save on your electricity bill, including:

    • Using your dishwasher instead of your sink

    • Using a ceiling fan before touching your air conditioner

    • Purchasing smart appliances

    • Buying energy efficient lightbulbs

There is a plethora of ways you can save money on your home. For more information, you can view additional resources or contact a professional. Either way—don’t let money fly out the window!

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