3 Options for Paying for Car Accident Damages

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If you are a vehicle driver or passenger, odds are that you may be involved in a collision during the course of your lifetime.

As traumatic as it may be, if you and the others involved are not seriously injured you can count your blessings and concentrate on the property damage instead.

Take a look at these options for paying for accident damages after a loss.

3 Options for Paying for Car Accident Damages

  1. Auto Insurance

    In a perfect world, you have auto insurance with collision coverage which is in place for handling the repairs to your vehicle.

    If someone else was negligent and therefore at fault for your damages, hopefully they carry adequate liability coverage for your damages.

    At any rate, these things take time, and depending on whose coverage you are using, can take money as well.

    If the at-fault carrier is dragging their feet on the settlement process, consider going through your own company and they can pursue the at fault company through subrogation, your insurance company’s right to act on your behalf to recover property damage from an accident.

  2. Accident Attorney

    Perhaps having the insurance companies duke it out sounds like the path for you.

    Unfortunately, the process of investigation and other red tape after an accident can make this option a little daunting.

    Consider consulting with an accident attorney from a firm like Spesia & Ayers Attorneys at Law who can handle the communications for you and fight this battle on your behalf.

    If you aren’t responsible for the damages and you find that bills and stress are mounting, this can be a great alternative to fast track your course and give you piece of mind.

  3. Out-Of-Pocket

    There are a few scenarios where insurance isn’t an option. Maybe you or the person responsible for your auto damages aren’t insured; perhaps you are responsible for the damages and they are below your deductible, or there is an issue with your coverage.

    If you are at fault for your own damages and don’t carry insurance, you’ll need to be prepared to pay out of pocket.

    Paying for your damages independently may sound insurmountable but consider using credit, applying for a personal loan, or ask the body shop to work with you.

    Shop owners will have the most leeway for negotiating or possibly setting up a payment plan, so try to find a reputable shop with some flexibility.

Accidents happen. It’s best to insure yourself against that risk, but that still offers you no guarantees. If faced with the unexpected remember some of these options for paying for your property damages.

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