3 Personal Tech To Watch In New Year

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Three areas where personal technology will advance in the new year and will be increasingly more popular than ever before. Some because of the generic evolutionary aspects of advancement and others because of revolutionary aspects. Folks will see more option, better access to the Internet and better screen resolution. More emphasis by hardware and software manufacturers will be placed on three areas: Tablet PCs, Smartphones turning into superphones and the Operating Systems driving these devices.

  1. Tablet PC

    Tablet PC can best be described as computer where input is done through touch screen. However, Asustek Computer will introduce two tablets, one with a detachable keyboard running Windows. Another with sliding keyboard and a 10-inch screen running Android. So they will cover both competing worlds. Asustek Computer is the company that pioneered netbooks.

    Companies that make desktop and laptop PCs, but not tablet computers, will realize they probably ought to do so soon. Over the next few years consumers have to decide whether they would replace desktops or laptops with tablet PCs which tend to be smaller, lighter, and more convenient to use.

    Analysts are optimistic that between 50 and 55 million tablet PCs will find their way into consumers’ hands in 2011. The market for them has shaken out into two unmistakable tiers: Apple iPads and the rest success-thirsty wannabees.

  2. Superphones

    Smartphones of last year will become superphones, also termed as “app phones”, in the new year and beyond. Some upscale phones will tend to have all the functionality of a tablet PC. Superphones can be thought of as the next generation beyond smartphones, delivering a full Web experience compared with a partial one on smartphones.

    Superphones will have faster CPU, faster 3G and 4G and Wi-Fi bandwidth, and tens of thousands of applications. Smartphones and superphones will be used by consumers to pay their bills in restaurants and stores. These kinds of phones will also be used as remote control.

  3. Operating Systems

    Traditional PC operating systems are being challenged in new ways by other operating systems. Android OS, Windows, Apple iOS are the three main competitors.

In a Nutshell
Who and what will be successful enough to grab bigger market share will mostly be dependent on consumers’ likes and dislikes. As always, any type of these gadgets has to earn the hearts and minds of the consumers in order to make money. So far iPad, iPod and Apple’s other gadgets and OS seem to have taken the lead.

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