3 SEO Tips to Boost Your Blog Content

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Optimizing your blog improves your website’s online visibility. Your potential buyers using the keywords related to your blog posts find it easy to find your business listed on Google.

However, the search engine’s many algorithm updates make things complex. Today, content is all about intent and relevancy, and how the information related to your products or services makes your customer’s life easy.

You need to understand what is essential for your blog and what is not.

An optimized blog also helps you to make money. According to an article published on https://www.entrepreneur.com, there are many ways to pocket some good bucks from your blog content. Entrepreneurs can churn out sponsored content, sell ads, or collaborate with content partners.

To make you understand better, here are three SEO tips to optimize your blog posts:

3 SEO Tips to Boost Your Blog Content

  1. Use one or two long-tail keywords to match user intent

    Today, using multiple keywords in your blog posts affects your site’s SEO. That is because Google perceives it as the stuffing of search terms. It also mars your content readability. It means that your posts do not read well to the users. Google rewards those websites that keep user intent in mind. Therefore, you must use the search terms in the content that does not appear forced. The information should flow easily and naturally.

    The rule of the thumb is using long-tail keywords for every post you write. Optimize not more than two search terms in your blog content. The long-tail keywords, more often the question-oriented ones keep the blog content focused on the audience goal.

    You can study the blogs of the website Tayloright to understand keyword usage. It will help you generate quality traffic and convert visitors to customers.

  2. Create a mobile-friendly blog

    Today, most people read the news, blogs, and articles on their smartphones while commuting to the office. That is more convenient than carrying a laptop all the time when they travel. And to match the needs of modern visitors, Google ranks the mobile-friendly websites first in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

    It is evident since the giant search engine rolled out its Penguin algorithm update in April 2015. That is why you should follow the updates rolled out by Google. Keeping yourself well read and updated is the key to your success when it comes to optimizing your blog content. Use responsive design to make your blog mobile-friendly.

  3. Avoid using similar topic tags

    When it comes to topic tags, they help in boosting your blog content. However, avoid overusing them. If you use too many of these tags, Google will penalize your blog due to duplicate content. Google will think that you are showing the same content many times if you use the same tags repeatedly.

    For example, topics such as gardening ideas, gardening hacks, and gardening tips look too similar if you use them in one post. If you have already used too many tags, clear them as soon as possible. Think 15-20 unique topic tags related to your blog.


Try these tips to boost your blog content. You will be surprised to see the results. Good luck!

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