3 Small Steps To Get A Bigger Paycheck And Be Promoted

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Did you ever feel that you deserve promotion and a bigger paycheck? Many workers today feel they deserve a move up the corporate ladder. However, keep in mind they don’t necessarily have to land a promotion to start earning more.

Showcasing and acquiring a few more talents will leverage workers’ worth and allow them to move up the career ladder and earn more money.

Here are three small steps you could take that would result in collecting a bigger paycheck and/or promotion.

  1. Communicate

    In any field, communicating with your peers and managers is an important part of bigger paycheck and promotion. These days, because of technology, you are able to communicate with almost anybody. Take advantage of the resources available to you.

    • Networking

      The old adage is true. It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. Develop contacts and relationships – your peers and managers. Have good professional relationships inside your company such as folks working in other departments. But try not to take this too far by kissing-up. Keep your self-respect.

    • Socialize

      MIT researchers found that employees are productive who socialize with one another between tasks. They are not productive when they socialize during tasks or not socialize at all.

      When you are productive, chances are that not only will you keep your job but you might as well get a raise.

      Socializing at work doesn’t seem to enjoy the best reputation among people who aren’t naturally outgoing. Get to know your water cooler and co-workers. You never know who might have that golden Rolodex.

    • Keep a lookout

      Look out for better jobs inside and outside your company with more responsibilities so that you are on your way to promotion and better pay.

      Not only should you be able to keep an eye on the market, but you should also get an idea for what these positions require and which of your skills you might need to work on to bridge the gap.

    • Continue to network with co-workers

      You are unhappy at work and know that your departure is inevitable. If this is true, don’t make the mistake of checking out mentally. This is the time when you want to be at your best – keep on top of industry developments, sharpen your skills, and continue to network with co-workers.

  2. Take charge

    Take charge and be in control. Try to be cool in all circumstances. If you have anger problem, solve it. Get rid of the anger inside you.

    • Freshen up your old resume

      Old-fashioned resumes are out. At many companies and websites resumes are stored by keyword, so arrange yours to exhibit your skills. Don’t focus on your responsibilities, focus on what you achieved. Most people do not think in terms of quantified achievements when they are in the job, but on the resume, that’s the only part of the job that matters.

    • Freshen up your old self

      Markets and industries are constantly changing. Stay up to speed. Budget some time toward continuing your education.

    • Initiative produces results

      When you notice changes at one of your target companies – it’s going after a niche market, opening a new division, launching a new product – send them a proposal telling them what you could do to make it happen.

    • Stay a step ahead

      If you think your job will be eliminated, get moving now. Waiting will not make it better. Launch a job search from a cold start, and it takes seven or eight weeks to get up to speed.

    • Look in your own company

      Take a look at what might be available around you. You are already in the doors, it’s the easiest way to advance your career.

    • Be different and better

      Anything you can do to differentiate your resume from every other applicant’s is a huge help. Learn a language, get new skills, earn a higher degree, list your leadership accomplishments.

    • Become an expert

      Whether it’s a critical language, new regulations or a complicated computer program, find an area in your company or industry where there is a knowledge gap and become the expert on that topic.

    • Pursue Change

      Change is the only constant. Gone are the days when you worked for one company for 50 years, climbed the ladder and received a gold watch at retirement. Today people change jobs every four to five years and have several careers during their lifetimes. Gear up for a career change a year or two in advance.

    • Get a life

      Don’t become trapped by the long hours in the office or looking for a job. Sports, hobbies, and community service are great opportunities to market yourself professionally, but even more importantly, they are better for you personally.

  3. Do Something different

    It’s always a good idea to do something different but better. Try to look for more efficient ways to do business.

    • Think Globally Work Globally

      Expand your job search overseas. While the U.S job market continues to weaken, the European and Asian workforce are thriving. Develop your language skills and keep in mind that money has no borders.

      International jobs can be your ticket to personal fulfillment and career success. International jobs can provide exciting challenges and more, offering the experience of a lifetime.

      In addition to the enriching personal growth you will face by living and working in a different part of the world, the skills you gain will make you immeasurably marketable in today’s global economy. However, international jobs are not always easy to come by.

    • Teach

      If you know your stuff, try passing on your knowledge to others. Not only does teaching experience make for a stronger resume by demonstrating leadership and expertise, it also could be a way to maintain an income while between jobs.

    • Start a business

      One way to get around the stresses of layoffs, age discrimination, outsourcing, and even the annoying gridlocked commute is to go into business for yourself. Whether your venture is only a part-time job, or the solution to all financial strife, consider each 9-to-5 job as training for one day opening your own business.

In a Nutshell
You can do so many things while you are still at work. Even if you have been recently laid off, you can open many venues to yourself.

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