3 Untold Factors That The Judge Will Always Use When Setting Your Bail

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If you have never been arrested, then you may not understand the joy of getting a bail. To some people, being arrested is normal, while to others it can be a cause of trauma.

Bail is just a way of giving you temporary freedom while a case is being built against you. As you may have read in newspapers and heard on the news, bails are set differently for different cases.

Many factors are considered before a judge can decide how much bail you will be charged to ensure that you appear in court the next time you are needed.

Below are the factors that influence how bail is set;

  1. Bail Schedules

    Every country has its own constitution that outlines how a country is governed. The court is given the mandate to decide how wrongdoers are punished. There are categories that your case is classified under. The classification of cases determines the relevant mode of punishment and also contains the amount of bail you should pay.

    Bail schedules are suggested values and they might differ depending on the judge. Bail schedules also dictate that some criminal offences, for example, a brutal murder are not subject to getting bails.

  2. Public protection

    Sometimes your bail may be set under influence of external factors like public protection. If the case involves sexual assault or even child abuse, the bail will be high because you will be a threat when you are set free.

    When the bail is set so high that you can’t afford it, you can seek for bondsmen services from Castle Bail Bonds. Sometimes it might be a drug-related case. Drug-related cases are complex because the courts are normally afraid that you may tamper with witnesses or the crime scene when you are released.

    If you are released on bail, the witnesses to such cases are usually put under witness protection. Witness protection is a way of safeguarding witnesses that are threatened, according to en.wikipedia.org.

  3. Criminal record & Risk of flight

    Appearing in court every now and then shouldn’t be something you are proud of. If you have been in court before for the same mistake, then your bail will be set higher. This is done in a bid to discourage your behavior.

    The major condition when bails are given is that you need to ensure that you show up for the next hearing. Some people have a tendency of flying to another destination where they cannot answer for their crimes. Therefore, bail will be set depending on the assurance that you will not leave the country.

    If you manage to get bail but are still a high flight risk, then the court may order house arrest or confiscation of your travel documents. Without them, you can’t go anywhere.

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