3 Ways Technology Makes A Big Difference To Students

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When a student, bound for college, looks for a specific college, technology makes a difference. CDW-G, which provides IT Products and Services for Government, Education and Healthcare, wanted to know “How much of a difference does technology really make to students, when it comes to three critical areas.”

The result of their interest is the CDW-G 21st Century Campus Study, released in the Fall of 2008. The study surveyed more than 1,000 students, faculty, and staff in higher education, to uncover technology impact and implications for campus IT.

  1. Technology matters in the college search

    When it comes to the search for the right college, students across top areas of discipline concentration uniformly reported that the more up-to-date the school’s technology profile in their field, the more likely they would be to head to that particular institution.

  2. Technology matters in the classroom

    The ability to study in a chosen field was a primary issue as well. The utmost importance given by students was the school’s technology. They indicated that without an effective technology infrastructure, their study would probably suffer.

    To help students in the classroom and at home, Khan Academy has a website that explains Math and other subjects in simple and understandable fashion.

  3. Communicating with instructors

    Regular and immediate communication with instructors was so important to those surveyed, they rated online chat their No. 1 desired technology capability.

In a Nutshell
President Obama has given importance to technology as well. These days, students and other non-students young kids are so used to technology that for them a few minutes without it, they would be lost. I am 60 years old and I have become so much attached to IT that if I don’t use it everyday, I feel like I have lost something.

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