3 ways to relocate on a budget

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If you are considering moving, there are a lot of considerations for regular everyday working people.

You could let a major moving company with an excellent national reputation come in and insure your move for $20,000. This would guarantee you no losses, and they could do everything for you-including packing. That will work great if you have no financial concerns, your company is paying for your move, or if you are a high ranking member of the government or armed forces.

Generals never pay anything for moving even on international moves. Since most of us are not members of congress or of high ranking in the military, budget means more to us than other more fortunate ones.

Moving is never easy but these strategies will help you cut costs:

  1. Dispose of unnecessary furniture and heavy items

    The main part of any move is preparation. Some furniture can be replaced for a lower price than it would take to move it. If your furniture is old and worn, consider replacing it at the end of your relocation.

    Used or slightly worn furniture can be purchased for a song, and your old furniture might find it hard to survive a move. Especially look at the difficulty of moving large furniture that weighs a ton.

    Always sell weight lifting equipment before you move. The equipment weighs so much and is such a hassle to move that you can buy new equipment after you’ve moved at a more reasonable cost than moving it.

  2. Collect packing material in advance

    The packing is very important. All the loose items are put into boxes and labeled so that they can go back into the appropriate room at the end of the move.

    You can acquire boxes for no cost before you start to pack by telling your friends you need boxes, by saving boxes from your job, and by checking local stores for empty boxes.

    Labels cost very little at your local discount store and will save you in the long run by having everything marked for your new location.

    All the breakables must be packed. Try to find paper like blank newsprint to wrap dishes and the like. The less breakage you have the less the move will cost you.

    Some people use old newspaper, but if you use paper with ink, remember to wash the dishes after your move at your destination to remove any debris left by the old newsprint.

  3. Decide whether to use a moving service or do everything yourself

    Professional moving companies move you at a premium cost, but depending on how far you are going and how big a transportation vehicle is needed; you might need to get quotes to make a decision about your cost. There are times when a service can save you money.

    No matter how you move, your going to need a vehicle (either from renting or from a service.) If you would like some help with the labor, consider services like transport executive London, these type of services are reasonably priced and can save hassle.

    Everything must be disassembled before you move. Lawn Mowers must have fuel and oil removed to keep them from damaging furniture. The push handle must be removed so that the mower can be wrapped and incorporated into the move.

    Remove mirrors from dressers and pack them to allow dressers to be used as base when loading.

    The tighter you can load your truck, the more you will save on your move. L-shaped desks should be taken apart.

    Beds are taken down to the basic parts. Shelves should be removed from bookcases. Legs should be removed from tables.

    If you have friends that will help with your move, they can save you on labor costs. Your back will see a relief here as well. If you have a friend with a truck, that is even better. Sometimes friends are more important than prestige.

Planning in advance and strategy can be beneficial to every relocation.

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