4 Car Parts That Are Cheaper to Replace Than Repair

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Owning a car can come with a number of different maintenance and repair issues.

This is why it is generally a good idea to know when to spend the money to repair a vehicle’s components and when it is more cost effective to simply replace a part.

The following are 4 parts that are typically cheaper to replace than repair.

4 Car Parts That Are Cheaper to Replace Than Repair

  1. The Sideview Mirror

    How often do people get their sideview mirror wacked off by someone walking between cars in a parking lot. Since the base of these components is often made of plastic that can easily break, it is generally going to be cheaper to replace a sideview mirror. This becomes even cheaper if a car owner can find their particular mirror at an auto salvage yard for pennies on the dollar. It never hurts to call around to see what an auto salvage yard has in stock even if a person has to remove the part themselves from one of the on-site automobiles.

  2. Tires

    While it is true that it is cheaper to patch or plug a small hole in a tire than to replace the tire, the same is not true when the tire has taken on considerable damage. This is especially the case when the tire has had a huge gouge torn out of the wall of the tire or if the rim has been damaged. In many cases, replacing a tire or two is made considerably cheaper by originally purchasing tires under warrantee.

  3. A Break Switch

    If a person considers the cost of parts and labor, taking a car in to have a break switch fixed is really an unnecessary expense. The part only costs a few dollars, and it can be easily replaced in the matter of a few minutes on most cars. In fact, this is a simple fix that pretty much anyone should learn how to do. It is easy to find online videos which will walk a person through the process for free.

  4. An AC System That Is Not Working

    Older cars can have ac systems that no longer work for a variety of reasons. Generally, serious costs come into play when it is the compressor, expander or the condenser that has bitten the dust. Fixing one component does not ensure the other components of the ac system will not fail in the coming weeks. So, if a person does not want to have to drive around with their head out the window, then it could potentially be cheaper over the long term to go ahead with an ac system installation, rather than constantly paying to have the components of an older ac system repaired on a frequent basis.

Too often people think that they must pay excessive prices to have their car repaired. In many cases, it is simply cheaper to replace the damaged or malfunctioning part. This is especially true if a person is willing and able to do the labor themselves. Just do not forget to turn in the used, malfunctioning or damaged parts to redeem the core cost.

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