4 Everyday Items That Are Costing Your Business Money

Tuesday, December 3, 2019, 6:00 AM | Leave Comment

If you are looking to cut costs in your business budget, there are several things you can do to see immediate results.

Fortunately, they do not require extensive effort or time. You just need to inform you employees so that everyone can work together toward the same budgetary goals.

  1. HVAC

    Try setting the thermostat at lower temperatures in winter and slightly higher levels in warmer months. For example, instead of 75 degrees in winter, try 72 degrees or 70 degrees to see if that is comfortable enough for employees. In summer, instead of running the air conditioner at 68 degrees, raise the thermostat to 72 degrees or 75 degrees. If the building is well insulated, it may hold the heat and cold air at the more flexible temperatures, helping to reduce energy costs.

    Remind everyone to turn off the AC at night when leaving the building, along with other appliances that may be left running all night while not in use.

  2. Lighting

    Switch out your company’s fluorescent lightbulbs with LED lights. A typical 8 ft LED tube uses 30 percent less energy than a fluorescent bulb, so using them throughout the building can save considerably on the electric bill. In lesser-used areas, you may want to dim the lights or use lower wattage to reduce energy use.

    Remind everyone to turn off the lights when they leave the job unless illumination is needed for employees working other job shifts.

  3. Printing

    While printing documents is a necessity for many businesses, transfer as much documentation online as possible to save printing and filing costs. If copies need to be shared or transferred, consider scanning and emailing or faxing them to save printing ink and postage.

    Remind employees not to use office printers for personal copies unless you want to charge them for the paper and ink, about ten cents per page on average.

  4. Phone Use

    Many businesses use VOIP and office network phone systems for company work, and some employees use personal cell phones or company mobile phones. No matter what type of communication device is used, employees may need to be reminded to use company phones for business purposes only.

    Making personal calls on the job takes away from work time, which erodes productivity over the course of the day. Personal calls can be made on breaks or at lunchtime.

Tasks that we take for granted at work may be costing the company money. Consider tips like these to reduce waste and to keep the company operations on budget.

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