4 Items to Repair to Save Money in the Long Run

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Putting minor repairs off to a later date, ignoring poorly performing items, and delaying replacement of the worn and torn can be tempting.

After all, why spend money today for something that’s still operational?

The problem with this mindset is that the function of some items extend well beyond immediate, surface value.

Putting off repair or replacement can affect your safety, health, and ultimately end up costing you significantly more over the long run.

Let’s take a look at four examples of items you should never delay replacing and repairing.

4 Items to Repair to Save Money in the Long Run

  1. Footwear

    Your feet take the impact of every step you make, making them prone to a number of costly and debilitating health issues if you don’t continually protect them with appropriate footwear. New shoes, especially those designed for a specific work or activity, can be expensive. But, it’s a cost that can save you a lot of pain and money over time.

    As EHSToday points out, a good example is not promptly replacing worn personal protective shoes, such as slip-resistant soles, chemical rubber boots, and steel-toe boots that serve to keep you safe at work. When the traction is worn on slip-resistant shoes, for example, you leave yourself open to costly time off work and injuries from slips and falls.

    Athletic shoes don’t necessarily even show obvious signs of wear and tear as they breakdown in the midsole, heel counter and shank or cut out area of the shoe. Such breakdowns cause misalignment of the foot, which can eventually damage the feet’s bones and soft tissues; create gait issues that strain the legs, hips, and back; and increase the risk of ankle sprains. The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine offers a handy guide for knowing when it’s time to replace athletic shoes.

  2. HVAC Units

    As long as it’s heating and cooling your home, your HVAC unit isn’t usually a thought. Yet, HVAC units not properly maintained are likely not performing efficiently. Worn and torn parts that merely impact the efficiency leave your unit working, but it’s using significantly higher amounts of energy to get the job done, which translates to higher electric bills each month. It also puts a greater strain on major-cost replacement parts, which lessens their life and can create a much more costly emergency repair need. That’s not to mention the trips to the doctor with asthma and allergy symptoms a dirty unit can cause.

  3. Vehicle Windshields

    Drivers often mistake chipped and discolored windshields as merely an aesthetic element they can easily delay repairing or replacing. Depending on what state you live in, doing so can actually earn you a hefty citation and fine.

    Regardless of the legalities, delaying windshield replacement poses a significant safety and cost risk to you and your passengers by impairing your vision and increasing the probability of vehicle accidents.

    Chipped windshields can also impact accident-related results, such as how your airbag inflates, roof integrity during rollovers, and the collision force necessary to shatter the window. A minor accident can quickly turn into expensive medical treatment with a cracked windshield in the equation.

  4. Tires

    It’s fairly common knowledge that running your vehicle on worn and torn tires creates a higher probability of blowouts and accidents. But, did you know that the integrity of your tire influences your fuel mileage? Think for a moment about the significant cost involved with just a four to seven percent deduction in fuel mileage over everywhere you drive on worn and torn tires.

In closing, it’s a mistake to gauge an item’s immediate need for repair or replacement on whether or not it can still be used. The fact that you can doesn’t mean you should. Think about the long term costs to your finances, health, and safety as you decide when an item needs repair or replacement.

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