4 Money Saving Repairs You Didn’t Know About

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Sometimes replacing things is better than repairing them. Other times, repairing items is the more economical choice, especially items that are more cost-effective to fix than to replace.

Below are four things you should be repairing around your home.

4 Money Saving Repairs You Didn't Know About

  1. Computer

    Most everyone uses has a home computer in this day and age, but many still panic if they run into a glitch, the machine freezes, or something else happens.

    Instead of calling a technician, you can probably solve the problem yourself. You can find just about anything you need on YouTube or Google to help solve your computer problems.

    If your computer has issues that makes it difficult to use, you can always go on your smart phone to look up the information.

    Just research the symptoms you’re having or type in the error message you’re getting into Google. Chances are, you’ll find step by step tutorials on how to fix your problem.

  2. Insulation

    Having a drafty house or a home that has excessive heating and cooling bills due to poor insulation can be irritating.

    Although you can have someone come and inspect your home to find out where heat or air is escaping from, it’s easier to fix the problem yourself.

    In many cases, your insulation is old and has lost its effectiveness. Going into your attic or basement to install new insulation is not a very fun task, but it’s worth it.

    Just be sure to cover up and wear a mask as you rip out the old insulation and install the new material. The supplies can be purchased from a local home supply store.

  3. Water Heater Catch Basin

    If you haven’t looked at your water heater recently, you need to check it out.

    Older water heaters do not have a catch basin to collect water if it starts to leak.

    If you notice you’re lacking a basin, look up the model number of your water heater and order the part.

    You may need to research the installation process online, but it’s generally a straightforward process to install it yourself.

  4. Washing Machine Standpipe

    On the back end of your washer is a hose that drains the water from the washer after a load. Sometimes this hose will detach itself from the wall, and you’ll be stuck with a flooded laundry area. Having this simple repair done professionally is a waste of money, and you can do it yourself for less than $20.

    Order the part from a local hardware store or an online retailer like Automatic Appliance.

    After that, all you need to do is install a standpipe that attaches to the wall behind the washer to secure the hose in place after you reattach it.

There are other things that can go wrong in your home that would benefit from a repair, but these above are some of the most frustrating and expensive to fix professionally.

As stated several times earlier, using the internet to diagnose and repair household items is one of your greatest allies in saving you money and time waiting for technicians.

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