4 Parties You May Be Able to Sue after a Motorcycle Accident

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When a motorcycle rider gets into an accident with a motor vehicle, his or her injuries tend to be worse simply because they are more exposed than the person in the car.

If you have been injured in such an accident, you are able to bring forward a lawsuit so that you may get some compensation for the damages you have suffered.

The first step in doing this is to speak to a lawyer so that you can understand what the process entails and so that you can know who to file the lawsuit against.

You will also be able to find out which damages you can claim, learn about any limitations of time and so much more.

Working closely with an attorney who has plenty of experience in these matters will give you a much better chance of collecting on damages.

Who Can You Sue?

This is a pertinent question and the answer depends on the circumstances that surrounded the accident.

Some of the parties may include the following:

  1. Other Road Users

    You can sue the other driver involved in the accident or other drivers if there were more than one. You will need to first establish who was at fault before you can file a lawsuit against any of the drivers involved.

    Your motorcycle accident attorney can help you make sense of how the accident came about and also let you know which other drivers have some form of liability for the injuries you suffered.

  2. Government

    You can also bring a lawsuit against the government if the accident was caused by the condition of a poorly maintained road. The authority responsible for making sure the road is in good condition can face consequences as well, but you will need an experienced attorney to navigate this one successfully because such suits tend to be very difficult.

  3. Dealership

    If the accident occurred because of a defect with the bike, you may be able to sue the motorcycle dealership. Product liability law gives you this right.

  4. Manufacturers

    You can sue the manufacturers if you can prove that faulty equipment on your bike caused you to have an accident. You would be suing those who manufactured that particular bike part that failed.

Working closely with your attorney, you can identify the liable parties, understand how the accident occurred and identify who is at fault. You will need to read the witness statements, look at the photos of the accident scene, review police records, get the opinion of experts and more.

Your attorney should be able to guide you and offer his or her advice. Moreover, he or she can answer all your questions as well.

The damage categories that you may be able to claim for include:

  • Compensatory damages – Payments for all costs incurred that are associated with injuries arising from the accident.

  • General damages – These may include such things as anguish, pain and suffering and the like.

  • Punitive damages – These are only awarded if you can show that the person caused the accident willfully.

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