4 Things Your Grandparents Left You in Their Will That Are Worth Some Cash

Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 6:00 AM | Leave Comment

Losing your grandparents is always difficult, no matter what. In many instances, though, your grandparents continue to provide for you after they’re gone, just as they did while they were alive.

The most common way for a grandparent to do this is through a will. While some bequeathed items may have more sentimental than intrinsic value, other items that you inherit may be worth some cash.

To help spot a potential treasure trove, here are four things your grandparents may have left you in their will that carry some value.

  1. Land

    If your grandparents left you some land, then they were long-term thinkers, indeed. After all, land is useful in many ways, whether you choose to re-sell it for development, utilize it for its natural resources, or build on it yourself. Land is one asset that generally doesn’t go down in value, barring any major changes to the surrounding area. If anything, land tends to increase in value, meaning this is something you may want to hold onto for a while, even if you don’t have any current need for it.

  2. Precious Metals

    Unlike cash, which is only valuable in the country in which you inherit it, precious metals are intrinsically valuable the world over. Precious metals provide a safe asset in which to store wealth, especially when the economy experiences a downturn. To keep yourself patient with your newly inherited precious metals, it’s a good idea to position them as part of your wealth portfolio with the guidance of a company such as McAlvany ICA.

  3. Vehicle

    Unlike other items, most vehicles tend to lose value over time, unless, of course, you have a particularly rare or collectible car. Even if the car you inherit is losing value, though, that doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Vehicles can always be sold to a dealership or a private party, turning into some quick cash. On the off-chance that you inherit a total junker, there is still money to be made due to the inherent value of the materials that make up the vehicle.

  4. Antiques

    To be sure, just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s valuable. However, if your grandparents have gone to the trouble to leave you specific antiques in their will, chances are they’ve done at least a little homework on the items they chose to mention. Therefore, you must learn all you can about the items to determine what your best course of action is. One of the most important things to learn is the current market conditions for a specific antique, as the popularity of certain items can wax and wane over time, drastically affecting values.

No matter what you inherit, you must remember to use it wisely. After all, an inheritance is a one-time thing, meaning that if you use your inheritance frivolously, you’ll likely regret it for the rest of your life. Do your grandparents’ memory proud, then, and utilize what they leave behind to help improve your life.

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