4 Tips for Working With Your Contractor After Your Roof Has Been Damaged

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Roof damage is a fairly common experience for many homeowners.

Whether the damage comes from storms, pests, or simple age, most homeowners will have to deal with this issue at some point.

Most will end up hiring a roofing contractor to handle the repair.

Since this is a major project that can be costly—especially if it’s not done right—it is important to work effectively with the contractor to get the best results.

4 Tips for Working With Your Contractor After Your Roof Has Been Damaged

  1. Check the Contractor’s Credentials

    Depending on how you find the roofing contractor, check the credentials to ensure the company is legit. You can ask for references to contact, look up testimonials on their website if they have one, contact the Better Business Bureau to see if they have a file, and even do an informal online criminal check.

    You can also search for the company and the contractor on social and, if they were referred by someone you know, ask that person’s opinion about the work that was performed.

  2. Discuss the Roof Damage

    Don’t assume the contractor will know exactly what you want done after a windstorm has damaged your roof. Some contractors take pictures of the damaged areas and explain how they plan to make repairs.

    Since damage to roofs can vary widely in scope of work and materials, it is best to discuss plans for fixing the problem so that you know what to expect in terms of a timeline and cost.

  3. Get a Firm Quote

    Many contractors offer an estimate for the roofing work they propose to do. However, you may want to request a firm quote. The difference is that an estimate will provide a ballpark figure of what the expenses might total. A quote is more precise about the work to be done without a major price change when it’s time to pay the bill.

    If the contractor cannot provide a quote, ask for a percentage range for how much the estimated cost could vary. For example, if the repair estimate is $2,000, ask for assurance that the total will not increase by more than 10 percent or whatever amount the contractor is willing to guarantee.

  4. Determine the Payment Plan

    Most companies accept credit card payments, but ask in advance to be sure. Some will accept payment with a personal check or money order. A few request cash payments. Find out what is expected and when before approving the job to get started.

Roof repair should be handled professionally and efficiently for everyone involved. Follow steps like these that may help to save money and time.

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