4 Types of Content Marketing Videos That Businesses Can Create for Social Media

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Businesses are starting to understand the potential of content marketing, and many are pivoting their marketing strategy in its direction. Unlike other types of marketing however, content marketing has a very different approach – one that isn’t as product-centric.

With content marketing your goal will be to create content that is informative and useful to your target market – but is not about your business or its wares. That may sound counter-intuitive, but it is part of an overarching effort to reach out and engage potential customers and build them into customer base while developing brand loyalty.

Make no mistake video is as relevant to content marketing as any other form of marketing – especially on social media. The sheer weight of video’s appeal and its potential to engage viewers can’t be ignored, which is why you should explore some of the more popular types of content marketing videos that your business can create for social media:

4 Types of Content Marketing Videos That Businesses Can Create for Social Media

  1. How-to guides and tutorials

    It should come as no surprise that how-to guides are a prominent type of content marketing video, as they are inherently useful and provide valuable information to viewers. The guide itself shouldn’t directly promote the businesses’ wares, though using them in the course of the video and demonstrating what they can do in a natural way can be acceptable.

  2. Expert interviews

    Not only do expert interviews tick all the boxes for content marketing, but they are actually one of the types of videos that have the most potential. Provided you are able to pitch an interview to a well-known expert, you should be able to leverage their following and draw them in, while providing useful insights via your interview.

  3. Webinars

    Seeing as live videos are currently one of the hottest trends on social media it would be silly not to capitalize on it. Webinars are the perfect way to do that in the content marketing framework, as they will let you produce informative live video content about a variety of topics. Adding a Q&A component to the webinar would be advisable as well, to directly engage your target audience and encourage interaction.

  4. Explainer videos

    Forget about the modern-day animated explainer videos designed to promote products or services. Instead think about the core idea behind explainer videos, as content designed to help explain a concept, idea, or topic. Needless to say that type of video is perfect for content marketing and can cover a wide range of topics in the same niche as your business and tangential to its wares.

Another point worth noting is that with content marketing there is no need for businesses to create glitzy marketing videos. Instead the focus should be focusing on the content and the best way to visually convey the necessary information – whether that is live video recording, animation, or screen video capture Mac using Movavi Screen Capture Studio for example.

Now that you have an idea of the types of content marketing videos you can create for social media, you should have a good place to start. Just remember content marketing isn’t for everyone – but its benefits make it worth pursuing.

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