4 Ways to be a Great Project Leader

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Being a fantastic leader is all about the way you motivate and inspire your team. It is hard being a great leader on a short project. But if you are managing a team for a substantial amount of time you can exhibit leadership qualities.

Take these four tips to boost your leadership skills.

4 Ways to be a Great Project Leader

  1. Set Clear Project Objectives

    All good leaders make sure their team knows the purpose of being together and what they are striving to achieve. This gives the team a sense of purpose and makes it clear what they are trying to achieve together.

    It is easier to lead the team if the team knows where they are going. There should be a handful (4-7) objectives so it is easier for the team to focus on the items that are important.

  2. Motivate Individually

    Find out what motivates the people in your team. For some it’s compensation, for others it’s doing work that they enjoy and for others it’s working with a great team.

    Knowing the motivation points allows you to keep the team motivated throughout the project. Some approaches, such as team building exercises, can motivate an entire team. Other motivation activities need to directed toward individual team members.

  3. Recognize Good Performance

    Great project leaders always recognize great performance on the team.

    You need to constantly think of new ways of recognizing your team for the right behavior.

    There are two ways to do this:

    • The first are provided when the team achieves certain targets together. For instance you might hold a team dinner or social function if the team complete Phase 1 of the project delivery on time.

    • The second type of reward system is more personal. For those team members that perform at exceptionally high levels, offer them special rewards for good performance.

    Remember that rewards don’t have to be expensive. It’s usually the thought that counts and the personal recognition the team member receives.

  4. Continue Your Own Professional Development

    Great Project Leaders are constantly looking for ways to improve how they lead the team.

    There are many sources available today – in-person classes, e-classes, books, magazines, web sites, free webinars/seminars and much more.

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