4 Ways to Drastically Reduce Your College First-Year Costs

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There is no question that college is very expensive in the United States. That does not, however, mean that there are not ways to bring those costs down.

If you want to reduce your costs in your first year of college, you’ll want to look at the methods below. 

4 Ways to Drastically Reduce Your College First-Year Costs

  1. Get a High-Demand Major with a Scholarship

    If your goal in going to college is to graduate with a job, doing some research into which fields are in the highest demand can turn up very interesting information. In some areas, you can even get scholarships simply for majoring in those subjects. There are commonly scholarships for education majors, medical majors, and even engineering majors, so don’t be afraid to see if your educational goals can save you some money.

  2. Attend an Online University

    If you really want to reduce costs, you might want to look at going to an online school. There are many online-only schools, as well as many traditional universities that offer their courses online. You might get a lower tuition rate at some, or avoid paying certain on-campus fees at others. You may even be able to find an online university for military that can provide you with special incentives, so long as you’re willing to do your research. No matter what your situation, there’s probably a good online school out there for you.

  3. Get Your Books Online

    One of the most surprising expenses for first-year students comes from buying textbooks. You should absolutely never buy from the on-campus bookstore if possible, as the prices there are usually several times higher than anywhere else. When possible, buy used textbooks online to save as much money as you can. Use textbooks are just as good as new ones, especially if you’re not interested in keeping them for your own collection. If your class insists you get the latest edition of a book, consider renting from Amazon or other online book retailers.

  4. Find Housing Scholarships

    Your final step should be to search for scholarships that cover housing. Some scholarships are given to low-income students to live in the dorms, while others might go to students who are willing to become Resident Advisers. Take a look at what your university offers, or look online to see if there are any scholarships or programs at your school that can cover at least part of the cost of housing in order to save a substantial amount of money.

There are many ways to save when you go to college, so try not to get too scared about the costs when you first see them. If you can shop smart, find scholarships, and reduce your costs, you’ll be able to get an education that you can afford. Don’t let money be a barrier to higher education, if only because there are so many ways to reduce the costs to an affordable level.

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