4 Ways To Upgrade Your Car Without Breaking The Bank

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Drivers typically upgrade different areas of “standard” new and used cars that have few high-quality features or older cars that need repairs.

Whatever your situation, you can upgrade your car easily without going into debt.

Consider the following budget-friendly solutions in four common upgrade areas:

4 Ways To Upgrade Your Car Without Breaking The Bank

  1. Wipers

    Standard rubber windshield wipers fail to last long with repeated use or exposure to harsh weather and temperatures. As they deteriorate, they often tear lengthwise, crack or crumble.

    Additionally, standard single-blade designs typically provide poor visibility during bad weather because they don’t adequately swipe away water.

    Several simple year-round upgrade options exist, including durable winter designs and triple blade and silicone wipers that handle water better and degrade less over time.

  2. Headlights

    If you want to improve the brightness of your headlights or change their color, you don’t need to remove each headlight.

    Manufacturers design headlights with easy-to-remove bulbs that you can swap out.

    You can also find “halo” kits that allow you to effortlessly install rings of color to create “demon” or “angel” eyes.

    Self-adhesive colored film cut into custom shapes is another option. Keep in mind that low-cost clear film also exists if you merely want to protect new headlights from UV damage and road debris.

  3. Upholstery

    Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on professional installation of new upholstery to replace damage caused by wear, spills, cigarettes, children and/or pets, you can find a wide range of low-cost, easy-to-install seat and steering wheel covers in big box auto departments and auto parts stores.

    If you need to fix vinyl or leather scoring, cracking, tearing or fading, invest in a color-match surface repair kit that offers a smooth brush-, trowel- or rub-on solution.

  4. Exterior

    Forget professional paint jobs. You can create a like-new finish, hide light damage or change the overall “look” of your car’s exterior with automotive color-matched spray paint and pre-manufactured or custom accent and sign-style magnets.

    None of these alterations adversely affect your vehicle’s value if you decide later to donate it to places like Newgate School.

    In fact, these upgrades serve as a teaching tool and give those in need vehicles with upgrades that they could never afford on their own.

As you can see, you can upgrade your car without breaking the bank. Start today with these low-cost upgrade ideas to improve the efficiency, appearance and value of your car.

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