5 Affordable Must-Haves for Your Daycare Business

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A daycare business is both fulfilling and profitable, so congratulations for deciding to open one.

Your decision to open a daycare business means that you have the passion and skills to look after little kids.

However, you need a range of supplies to make your services practical.

Of course, your clients deserve the best, but these five affordable must-haves are excellent places to start.

5 Affordable Must-Haves for Your Daycare Business

  1. Furniture

    Furniture is a vital component of every living space. Your daycare’s furniture should be appropriately sized and customized for kids. They should also be comfortable and safe as it is easy for kids to hurt themselves on virtually anything, including sharp edges on tables and chairs.

    Essential furniture items include highchairs and boosters for toddlers and kids who need assistance eating and miniature tables and chairs for older kids. Cribs are also very important; just like sleeping time is essential for kids’ healthy growth and development.

    Don’t be skimpy on your daycare’s furniture as it will be necessary for the business’s smooth running. As such, familiarize yourself with all the furniture items you need and budget accordingly.

  2. Foods and Beverages

    Kids have fast metabolism rates to sustain their growth, so they may surprise you by how much they eat. You will need a sufficient supply of foods and beverages to satisfy their appetites.

    Nutrition is daycare is a sensitive topic. There are many factors to consider, including sensitivity to specific allergies, the possible existence of any underlying medical conditions, and personal preferences. To this end, it is essential for you to consult your clients and make the necessary arrangements in case of any special needs – most daycare businesses find it easier to have kids bring their foods and beverages.

    If you choose to go the extra mile and prepare the kids’ food yourself, make sure that you consult widely with the parents and all other involved parties. Ideally, your choice of foods and beverages should be nutritious and exciting – kids tend to be very picky with what they eat!

  3. Play Materials

    Playing is kids’ most popular part-time activity, and no daycare business is complete without an exciting playing environment. As such, get all the toys and playing equipment you can get – you will be glad you did, as kids tend to be irritable without something to keep them occupied.

    There is no end to the variety of toys and play equipment for a daycare center. Popular options include dolls, action figures, cars, trucks, Lego and Duplo sets, blocks, Lincoln Logs, and puzzles. Creative activities such as arts and crafts are also fun, so consider getting the necessary supplies, such as drawing books, coloring books, and crayons. You can also encourage parents to pack their kids’ favorite toys.

    Besides toys, you should also organize interactive play events for all kids to help them socializing and teach them how to share. Take the necessary precautions to eliminate all risks that may emerge during playtime.

  4. Safety Supplies

    No parent is willing to trust their kids with daycare service providers; who cannot guarantee their kids’ safety. To this end, many parents will ask to see your safety measures before signing up personally. You don’t want your kids to get hurt either.

    As such, get all the necessary safety supplies, including:

    • A fully stocked first-aid kit.

    • Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

    • Emergency radio contact.

    • A comprehensive emergency plan.

    It would also be prudent to be pro-active in preventing emergencies and all forms of confusion, including a mix-up of personal properties. As such, consider getting labels, including customized clothing labels for daycare.

  5. Assistive Technology

    Technology makes everything easier and more efficient, including childcare. It is easy to get overwhelmed when trying to track every little detail about every child under your care.

    Let technology keep all the records and do more. Good daycare apps sport features such as attendance tracking and billing management. Technology will also help you maintain open communication lines with parents and other interested parties.

    You will also need an extra pair of hands (or two) and daycare technology. Ideally, you should hire professionals who are passionate about caring for kids.

Cover All Bases

These five items categories are just the basics, so be sure to familiarize yourself with everything necessary for smooth sailing, including legal documentation. Remember: it is your love and passion for the job that will foster success.

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