5 Best Cities For Those Thinking Of A Career In Finance

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Congratulations! You’re about to graduate with a finance degree and must be searching for a suitable job. No worries there also.

There are thousands of finance jobs one can find in nearly every city in the world. But everybody aspires to start their career with a great job. Most importantly they seek continuous growth in the early years of their career.

So, while there are finance jobs available everywhere, some cities offer more prospects than others.

5 Best Cities For Those Thinking Of A Career In Finance
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Through this article we present to you the 5 best cities (not in a particular order) to kick start your career in finance.

Although the places listed below are expensive to live in, they also offer great job opportunities with attractive pay packages in abundance for finance personnel.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Boston, USA

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    Boston is recognized for its asset-management all over the globe. It is home to a large number of finance giants such as Putnam Investments and Fidelity Investments.

    What job seekers should know is that although employment in Boston may suffer during tough times in general, but it is relatively more stable for those involved in trading and investment banking.

    Hence, Boston can boast itself as an appealing hub for finance jobs even during economic recessions or market pullbacks.

  2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    This comes as no surprise. Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and is moving forward at a great pace in its quest of becoming the financial capital of the Middle East.

    There is no dearth of great finance jobs in Dubai as more and more financial institutions from across the globe are rushing to open their centers in Dubai.

    This is undoubtedly an excellent time to shift base to Dubai, especially for those with a background in finance.

    The great thing about finding a finance job in Dubai is that even if you don’t know the Arabic, you will be welcomed with open arms. Knowledge of English language is highly appreciated.

  3. Hong Kong, China

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    Hong Kong is also counted amongst the top cities in the Asian continent offering great finance jobs.

    For finance job seekers, it can be a key gateway to China’s rapidly growing financial market that ranges from brokerage to banking, trading jobs and wealth management.

    What one should be aware of is that even though your fluency in English can land you a finance job in China, but you will find it difficult to sustain without basic knowledge of the local language as everybody whom you would have to interact with on a daily basis apart from work speaks only Chinese.

  4. Frankfurt, Germany

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    Home to some of the largest companies including the globally renowned Deutshe Bank, Frankfurt is perhaps the finance capital of the continental of Europe.

    Most German banks, international firms and even the German Stock Exchange (which is amongst the largest in the world) have their European headquarters established in Frankfurt.

    Also, its status of being the hub for finance jobs is going to get even stronger following the latest Brexit vote with more and more banks and financial institutions relocating from London.

  5. London, England

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    Even after the Brexit vote, London continues to be one of the most attractive location offering finance jobs.

    What future holds for the city will come to surface only in a while but what cannot be denied is the fact that London has been the finance capital of the United Kingdom.

    Being home to all of the major large international banks and brokerage firms, what’s even great about London is its strong currency trading which commands more than twice the market share of its closest rivals.

While deciding upon an ideal city to jumpstart your career in finance, do a thorough research on the financial atmosphere of the city, the general economic volatility and the cost of living.

All the best!

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