5 Best Tips for WordPress Developers

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WordPress is a content management system used for the development of almost 34% of the websites on the internet and 60% of websites that run on CMS.

One can design the websites easily by just basic knowledge but WordPress developers workings used to give the boost to the site by making it more appealing.

Even many digital agencies in Dubai used to provide professional WordPress developers to the organization. When they want to outsource their web management and designing to keep their site up to dated and safe from the threats and intruders.

There are few tips which are essential and beneficial for the WordPress developers which are as follows:

5 Best Tips for WordPress Developers

  1. Create your own themes

    If you are ambitious or want to try a new plugin or theme. Initiating with developing a new plugin is always a better route. Choose one specific feature you want to add to WordPress and start working on it that how you can make it happen. And if your designed plugin starts doing good you can add it to the directory as well.

    Initially in web development, you can start with the WordPress Codex and Plugin Handbook for creating the plugins at the entry-level. As well as, several resources are available for creating themes as well. The WordPress developer can even team up at WordPress forums to find and collaborate with the teams there. This could be far easier for you then to develop a new plug on your own.

  2. Take benefit of WP Cron

    Cron is the system used to schedule the tasks originally built for the UNIX. It lets users perform commands on the specified times. WordPress has already built-in cron like features. This feature is also named as WP Cron. It is best for firing off the tasks when your plugin has routine tasks to run. No doubt, WP Cron also has some limitations though. Like, it relies on the web page requests which results in the delayed firing of a task if the WordPress site doesn’t have great-traffic. But such limitations can be fixed. For the high trafficked sites or those that are set up with auto pinging, WP Cron can create a cron like a setup.

  3. Take benefits of Auto Updates

    Nowadays, automatic updates are available for the WordPress plugins and theme developers. This functionality is not enabled by evasion. It can be turned on by the user or through the plugin. The user can clearly opt-in for auto-updates. Whereas, it’s always good for users to remind them about the auto updatings through the WordPress plugin development. It’s really beneficial to keep on checking and get benefitted by the security patches, latest released versions, and hotfixes.

    Such plugins that are listed on the WordPress.org benefit from automatic management of plugin versions through their sources.

  4. 5 Best Tips for WordPress Developers 2

  5. Tag Plugin Files Exclusively

    Keep yourself aware that your plugins will be installed in a “busy ecosystem” along with the competitor’s plugins. So unique tag of your files is essential to differentiate them from other plugins. The easy way of doing this is through the prefix custom PHP variables, functions, classes, CSS selectors, and file tags with your plugin name.

  6. Let users customize the plugin

    Most of the plugin customers are also developers who buy your plugin to add functions in them according to their needs to make them customized. Any plugin which is used by a large number of users is mostly designed with the customized mindful features inserted in it or with the wrath of support tickets.

    Rather make the plugin customization difficult and let customers to forcefully check around to plugin’s source code, it’s better to give users the APIs and user options to allow them to alter the plugin’s functionality as per their needs.

    The Global settings should be set through the plugin’s admin interface. The single stance settings, such as custom settings for the WordPress page can be accomplished by providing users with a custom shortcode API for your plugin. The plugin users should be able to customize settings like, changing styles, colors, backgrounds, borders, fonts, icons, etc. Create multiple plugin themes like dark, bright light, shadowy, etc.


Initially if you are new to the field it seems like WordPress development is something out of reach. But it’s really not. If you are enthusiastic and eager to learn. This could be one of the best platforms for you to learn development because of its approachable nature and supportive community. No doubt, there is no hard and fast rule to start web development. But learn the basic development languages, do a lot of research even take courses. Decide your path to work on and jump into it.

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