5 Costs You Didn’t Know Your Car Insurance Will Cover

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Car insurance covers your expenses after an accident. Most people know that, but other expenses could be covered by your insurance company that you might not know about.

The following are five costs you may be covered for.

5 Costs You Didn't Know Your Car Insurance Will Cover

  1. Locksmiths

    Most people have been in this frustrating position at some point. You find yourself staring into your car because you can’t open it. Maybe you can see the key in the ignition; it seems so close yet so far away, or maybe you just can’t find your keys.

    No matter the situation, you can’t get into your car, and now you’re worried about paying for a car locksmith. Don’t fret about this; the good thing is you’ve got car insurance, and many of these companies cover this specific expense. Most likely you’ll have to ask for roadside assistance to get the locksmith but not always. Talk to your insurance company so that you know more about this policy.

  2. Rodent Damage

    Yes, rodents can make their way into your vehicle. They can chew through your wiring and make a home inside your car. Sometimes, they do this to escape the cold, other times because they want a safe space where they won’t have to worry about predators.

    People who have full coverage are likely covered for this kind of damage because there’s nothing you could have done about it, which is the reason you’re covered. Still, it may be a good idea to talk to your insurance company so that you know if you are covered and how this coverage would work for you.

  3. Acts of Nature

    Acts of nature are usually covered by car insurance companies if you have full coverage. Of course, it’s better to call and make sure you are covered. You may want to add this benefit if you find it is not included. The reason you want to do this is that earthquakes, floods, windstorms, and other types of acts of nature happen when you least expect it.

    These could do serious damage to your vehicle. The damage done is through no fault of your own, so you should be covered. Keep in mind that those who live in areas where these types of acts of nature happen often should be taking this more seriously.

  4. Pothole Damage

    Potholes are everywhere, especially in certain areas of the country. It is the city and your local government’s job to fix those potholes whenever they appear, but that doesn’t always happen. These potholes may not seem like a big deal, but they can do some serious damage.

    They can damage your tires, your suspension system, your undercarriage, and so much more. This kind of damage is not your fault, and your insurance may cover the damage should it happen. Ideally, you want to do your best to avoid potholes. Be sure to drive around them whenever possible, or drive slowly over them if you need to. Still, having a little protection doesn’t hurt because dealing with these types of expenses can take a bite out of your wallet.

  5. Vandalism

    Coming back to a vehicle that has been damaged by some inconsiderate person feels like such a violation. Your car has scratches all over it, or perhaps your vehicle’s been vandalized with spray paint. Maybe you are dealing with broken windows or slashed tires.

    Whatever you are dealing with, this is not something you did, so you shouldn’t be forced to pay for it. Some insurance companies offer insurance for vandalism, but make sure you call to see what is actually covered. Some companies cover broken windows but ask you to pay a deductible to deal with damage to the body of the vehicle. Find out what you are covered for, and make adjustments to your policy if you are worried about vandalism.

These are just some things your auto insurance company can cover for you should you ever need their help. There are other policy enhancements you can add if you feel that you might need them; just go ahead and ask to see a list of all potential policy upgrades you are entitled to.

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