5 Cover Letter Tips To Secure Interview With Potential Employer

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A cover letter is often times considered the gateway to securing an interview with a potential employer. It can directly impact whether or not they choose to read your resume and ultimately call you for an interview.

An effective cover letter should contain the attributes that make you uniquely qualified for the job. It should describe your skills and how they would be applied to add value in the position.

Keep in mind that a cover letter along with your resume will not get you the job you want. But a good cover letter and professionally well-written resume might get the attention of manager(s) in the company and call you to come in for interview.

Cover Letter Tips

Getting the job depends on how well you do in the interview. It depends how well you can convince the employer that you are the best fit for the job so that they stop looking for others for the same position.

Below are 5 simple tips that you should use to create an effective cover letter:

  1. Avoid the “generic” cover letter

    Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression and it’s important to tailor your cover letter to a specific employer’s needs and try to address the letter to a specific person rather than using a generic salutation.

  2. Get creative

    Some experts suggest to consider creating a video cover letter, which can be very effective in presenting your personality to potential employers.

  3. Demonstrate credibility, but don’t go overboard

    Keep your cover letter concise, focusing only on the skills that are relevant to the open position and specifically address the needs of the employer and how best you meet requirements for the job and then some.

  4. Pay attention to detail

    Always remember to proof-read your cover letter and be sure to include the correct date, position title and contact information.

  5. End with a call to action

    Conclude your cover letter by requesting an appointment to discuss your qualifications in further detail by giving a specific date and time that you plan to follow-up with the employer.

In a Nutshell
By following the above 5 simple tips, you will be on your way to creating an effective cover letter that will increase the chance that your resume will be read by potential employers. It is important to back-up your cover letter with a professional and powerful resume.

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