5 Easy Tricks to Redecorate Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

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Are you bored with your home’s interior design? If you want to change things up and redecorate, you may be stalling because you think you can’t afford the project.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to redecorate a home and transform a space without breaking the bank.

If you’re resourceful, you target the right areas, and you know where to find decorative elements for less, you can easily redecorate for the season.

Tricks to Redecorate


Here are 5 money-saving ideas that will help you get the most style for the least amount of money:

  1. Floors Are a Focal Point

    Don’t overlook the importance of paying attention to your floors when you’re redecorating. If you can’t afford an entirely new flooring system, restore the one you have. Hardwood floors can be sanded and stained and carpeting can be cleaned. If you really want to turn your floors into a focal point, throwing a uniquely shaped or patterned area rug into the center of the living space is a great solution that won’t require a huge investment.

  2. Replace the Curtains

    Next, start having fun with your window treatments. Believe it or not, fabric is a great way to incorporate textures and patterns into your design without going too far. Make sure to find affordable curtains at retailers like Curtain World, and choose patterns and colors that will match other elements in the room to make it look complete.

  3. Adding Architectural Detailing without Construction

    You might not have the budget to cut corners or change the architectural design of your home, but you can get creative with paint. Painting is the most inexpensive way to add detail that doesn’t really exist.

    Paint around furniture to highlight your furnishings, paint your molding a bright white to make the room appear larger, or even paint a pattern of vertical lines on an accent wall to visually enhance the design of the room. It’s amazing what a difference paint makes.

  4. Start a Sewing Project

    You can buy fabrics in remnants for pennies on the dollar and turn that old couch into a visual master piece. If you don’t have the money to buy a new couch, make time for a sewing project. Choose the perfect fabric that cohesively blends with your rugs and drapes, and replace the fabric on chair cushions or accent pillows.

  5. Bring in Mother Nature

    Greenery will breath life into a dull home. With a vase, foliage, and a little soil, you can turn a boring space into one with modern appeal. Go a step further and make room in your kitchen for an herb garden that you can actually use to spice up your design and your food.

There are plenty of ways that you can redecorate on a budget. Being creative will make the process all the easier. Tap into the interior designer within you and be resourceful with your design budget.

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