5 Great Ways to Save Money When Doing Auto Repairs Yourself

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While many people drive their vehicles, very few know how to fix them when they break down. Most of the time, people take their vehicles to a mechanic for even the most basic of repairs.

Not only is this time-consuming, but costly as well. When doing auto repairs, there are many great ways to save money and time.

5 Great Ways to Save Money When Doing Auto Repairs Yourself

  1. Change Your Own Oil

    Perhaps the most basic car repair job, changing your car’s oil can save you lots of money. Buying your own oil and filter can let you do the job for less than $10, while letting a mechanic do the job for you can wind up costing as much as $50.

  2. Buying Car Parts Online

    Rather than going to the local parts store, shopping online for car parts can offer substantial savings. Many leading companies offer discounts up to 75% off retail prices and also offer bulk discounts on certain parts.

    Many online parts stores also sell used parts such as mirrors or other items for very low prices, letting shoppers save even more money. Car parts from DCP is a good example of a place where getting affordable car parts is a good possibility.

  3. Test Your Air Conditioning

    When warm weather hits, drivers always rely on their A/C to keep them cool. However, most don’t realize there is a simple and cheap way to check their own A/C to make sure it’s in top running order. Rather than letting a mechanic do the job for $50, car owners can buy an A/C pressure gauge for only $5 and do the job themselves.

  4. Purchase Used Tires

    People always assume you need to put new tires on your vehicles. However, most mechanics have a good selection of slightly-used tires they have removed from other vehicles, and by purchasing these drivers can save 50% or more on the cost of installing four new tires on their vehicles.

  5. Grab Your Plunger

    If your car has some minor dents or dings, don’t take it to a body shop and spend hundreds of dollars. Instead, grab your plunger and remove them yourself. Simply place the plunger over the dent, let it grab hold of the car and give it a pull. It may take a few minutes, but with some patience the dent should be fully removed and nobody will ever know it was there.

By doing some research, asking some questions and putting in some time and effort it’s quite possible to save hundreds of dollars each year doing basic auto repairs.

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