5 Home Repairs that Can Save You Money This Fall

Saturday, September 29, 2018, 6:00 PM | Leave Comment

The changing of the weather means that there are projects that you’ll want to complete around your home.

Fall generally means a return to cooler weather and slowly darkening days.

Here are some of the home repairs that you can do in order to save some money this fall.

5 Home Repairs that Can Save You Money This Fall

  1. Upgrade Your Thermostat

    You may not be ready yet to turn on your heat, but it’s just around the corner. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat now can make your HVAC system a little bit more efficient when the time does arrive. In many cases, you can simply swap out your thermostat on your own.

  2. Service Your HVAC

    Having your HVAC system serviced before it becomes a necessity is another repair that you should consider completing. Now may be the time to have your ac repair completed for the next time that you need it. This could help to ensure that you’re ready for whatever the weather has to throw at you.

  3. Inspect Windows and Doors

    Walk around the exterior of your home. You’ll want to pay close attention to your doors and windows. Adding caulking and weather-stripping before the drafts can enter your home is another way to save money this fall. Over time, the caulking and weather-stripping will start to break down from constant exposure to the elements. Get ahead of this task before it can end up costing you a bundle.

  4. Clear out Gutters

    Cleaning out your gutters may be one of those tasks that you dread doing each year. One solution to get around the hassle of having to get up on a ladder is to install a guard over the top of them. There are several varieties available on the marketplace. Shop around to find the right fit for your home.

  5. Swap out Old Lightbulbs

    Fall often means that you’re going to be turning on the lights in your home a little earlier. Swap out your old lightbulbs for ones that are more energy efficient. This simple task could dramatically reduce your overall energy bill. Some of the more energy efficient bulbs will make your home appear brighter while using a significantly smaller amount of wattage.

There are all kinds of repairs that you should consider completing around your home this fall. Start with this list so that you can make the most of the time that you want to spend doing your chores. The rest of the list that you compile will depend on your home.

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