5 Items Around the House You Can Sell for a Little Extra Cash

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If you could use some extra cash or would just like to clear your home of unneeded items, chances are you have some things that other people want to buy.

Look around for the items below, and if several turn up, you may want to sell them online, through a consignment shop, or at a garage sale, weather permitting.

  1. Books

    Many people love to collect books by favorite authors or those that are popular or for which you have copies of limited editions. Older books, especially classics, can also attract buyers. There are book buyers online who will pay for certain titles and special editions. Books that are autographed by the author may be worth something, too. Make sure the books are in good condition without torn or missing pages. The covers should not be excessively worn or faded.

  2. Collectibles

    If you like to collect items in a series or group, such as special edition plates or figurines, shoppers may be eager to hear from you. Some might need a specific item to complete a set they are collecting. Other buyers are interested in purchasing an entire set of figures or items due to a newfound interest or as an investment. Original packaging and designer signatures help to raise the items’ value. Clean them up and package them carefully if you will be shipping them to a buyer. Decide if you are willing to part with an individual item or only sell the entire set together.

  3. Antiques

    Having possible antiques in your home appraised and priced for buyers can save time when you are ready to sell them. Photographs that can be posted with the ad are helpful as well. Obviously, everyone is looking for furniture or items in good condition, so check to see if that old clock from Great-Grandma still works or if your antiques may need to be repaired or polished up before selling.

  4. Musical Instruments

    If your kids have outgrown their school band musical instruments that are boxed up in the attic, consider selling them to a music store that buys used instruments. Online buyers may also be interested, especially if you can post an audio file with a recording of the instrument’s sound.

  5. Vehicles

    From bicycles to pickup trucks, any old vehicles sitting in your driveway may be of interest to buyers who want to refurbish them or use the parts that are still in good condition. Check ads offering money for junk cars to get an idea of what your old beater is worth. There’s a good chance someone is willing to pay your for all or part of it and possibly tow it away, saving you that cost as well.

Survey your home to see what you can find that will bring in some cash. There’s a good chance you have several items of interest to buyers.

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