5 Must-Know Tips Before Starting Your Home-Based Photography Business

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Becoming a photographer may sound like a dream-come-true for a lot of people but the majority of these potential photographers really haven’t got a clue what they’re dealing with.

It’s not just about having an eye for details and a quality camera.

Photography is an equal part of science and art. Sure; you need to have a feeling for a nice photo but knowing how to set up photography, choose a lens and adjust your camera are just as important.

Moreover, if you’re planning to start a photography business, you need to know how to capitalize on your art.

Here are five must-know tips before you can start your home-based photography business.

5 Must-Know Tips Before Starting Your Home-Based Photography Business

  1. Picking the right camera

    The first thing you need is the right camera. First, you need to set a budget. If you’re serious about working with photography for a living, you need to have the right camera on your side. This means spending and spending big. While high-end cameras may be outside of the scope of your budget, you should go for something like Canon EOS 60D, Nikon D7100 or Sony Alpha A77. These are prime examples of semi-professional cameras and you can save a small fortune by buying used cameras in great condition. In order not to make a bad move here, it might be a good idea to ask someone more experienced to help you out.

  2. Additional equipment

    While some photographers work in the field, there are others who sell their services directly to their clients. They take family photos, couple photos and corporate photos, yet, all of these things need something extra. You need to get some proper light and this is a topic worth exploring on its own. Second, you need to make a setting, which is why you need to look for suitable photography backdrops. In this day and age, some prefer to handle this with software, nonetheless, this option is less than ideal.

  3. Expand your knowledge

    Photography is a complex field and you need to know full-well what you’re getting involved in. First of all, you need to understand that expanding your knowledge might take a while. They say that it may take 3 years for you to master a skill or truly learn a craft. However, time holds no value on its own. We’re talking about three years of active effort. This means three years of learning about various photography techniques like ghost mannequin and profile picture photography. It also means three years of taking courses and three years of working amateur photography.

  4. Photo editing tools

    No matter how great your skills and your camera may be, you’ll still need some photo editing tools. While free tools have so much that you can work with, those who plan to get involved in the photography business should probably get a license for premium software. Other than this, it is vital that you learn how to properly use these tools. Remember, the end product is the only thing that the client or the visitor to your website will see.

  5. Know where to sell it

    Lastly, remember that you’re in this field for the money. This is why you need to learn how to take these pictures in order to make them marketable. Second, it means finding a suitable platform where you can sell these photos. Lastly, you need to understand that commercial photography requires certain themes and volumes. This means going out and taking photos even when you don’t feel like it. It also means spending hours and days working on your photos. At the end of the day, in order to make money out of it, you need to act more like its 9 to 5 job than a hobby that provides you with a side-income.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, you need to understand that making money off photography is an equal measure of work, art and entrepreneurship. This is why a lot of people just can’t make it under these circumstances. In order to improve your odds, you need to do your homework and learn what you’re up against in advance. This way, you’ll find yourself in a scenario where your photography business turns profitable a lot sooner.

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