5 New Billing Services That Save You Time and Money

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Whether you’ve been running a medical practice for years or you’re just starting out, you may be looking for an accurate and efficient billing service.

Medical billing services often work better than office staff because the billing program can take care of billing and coding and follow up on claims from insurance carriers.

The right billing service can also provide additional features like practice analysis so you can adjust or change your administrative needs when necessary.

Information overload can lead to inefficient shortcuts and mistakes that could cost your medical practice.

It’s also a good idea to look for state-compliant software that will make it easier to send the right billing information to the correct local medical organizations.

For instance, if your practice is in Massachusetts you should select software the is dedicated to medical billing in Massachusetts so your patients will receive the care they need and the right insurance companies will receive proper payment and compensation.

If you’re in the market for a new billing system, here are five you can consider.

5 New Billing Services That Save You Time and Money

  1. AdvancedMD

    This billing service is ideal for large practices. This software is operated in the cloud and you don’t have to worry about long-term contracts. AdvancedMD gives you management flexibility and allows you to delegate tasks and services between the AdvancedMD team and your in-house employees. This billing software is scalable as well, so it can grow as your practice expands. Billing service from Advanced MD fully integrates with EHR and other management solutions for your practice. This helps you save money and makes it easier to enter accurate medical records in a shorter amount of time.

  2. DrChrono

    This billing solution is integrated and offers a service suite for EHR and practice management. DrChrono allows you to outsource all your medical billing, or you can keep all bills in-house depending on your organizational needs. You can also use the hybrid feature so you can file bills and information based on patient volume. If you’re a new practice and don’t know whether you need RCM services yet, DrChrono may be an ideal choice. Pricing for this billing service depends on patient volume and the needs of your practice and you don’t have to play initial training costs.

  3. Human Medical

    Human Medical is a cloud-based billing service that also offers revenue cycle management that you can combine with your EHR software. This company provides coding and billing according to ICD-10 regulations which helps you save less time on administrative work. Human Medical offers a mixture of human supervision and software to help you through each part of the billing process to help you avoid errors or correct them before you enter them into the system. Human Medial also tracks insurance claims thoroughly to ease frustration and help you save time during the billing process.

  4. athenaCollector

    AthenaCollector is ideal for new practices because it’s easy to use and the system features lots of automation. This makes it easier for you to keep track of payments and helps you follow up on unpaid insurance claims. You can also take advantage of thee rules engine which provides an automated tracking system for errors and processing issues. The system checks its insurance database to determine eligibility before a patient schedules an appointment.

  5. CareCloud Concierge

    CareCloud Coverage is a revenue cycle management suite that covers all your billing and medical service needs. The software offers a mixture of analytics, intelligence, and a CareCloud Concierge back-office team to ensure that payments are processed smoothly and quickly. The program offers paper and online claims submissions so you can get claims to the right entities as quickly as possible and offers coverage for mailing and printing patient statements. If you’re looking for efficient solutions for PM and EHR and prefer user-friendly software that will help you learn more about medical billing services at your own pace, CareCloud Concierge is a suitable choice.

When you improve the workflow in your office, your team members can complete more tasks throughout the day and can better accommodate the needs of your patients so they can get the services and procedures they need. This can increase the popularity of your practice due to your stellar customer service and help you submit claims in a timely manner.

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