5 New SEO Tactics Must Replace 5 Old SEO Tactics

Thursday, May 6, 2010, 12:07 AM | 10 Comments

In the past, many websites and blogs tried to “fool” the search engines especially Google by using the now obsolete Search Engine Optimization – SEO – tactics.

With the passage of time, we all know by now, how smart the search engines have become, specifically how the roaming and visiting robots have become.

Some websites might still use the tactics unaware of the fact that the search engines can penalize them for using the unwanted methods like so many have been penalized.

No matter how cruel and indifferent the visiting robots to our dearest website and blogs are, if we act according to their wishes and to the wishes of our readers, we can turn the robots’ cruelty into a blessing in disguise.

5 New SEO Tactics Replace 5 Old SEO Tactics

  1. Keyword Stuffing

    Old Tactics – Websites and blogs used to stuff a page with as many keywords as the webmaster could. Search engines were not smart as they are now. Keyword stuffing worked just fine before but not anymore.

    New Tactics – If you want your keywords to have maximum impact, do the following:

    • Create content for humans, not search engines
    • Make sure keywords are present in prominent places of the page, including headers, subheads, title tags and meta description
    • Place important and relevant keywords in the beginning of the page to be easily spotted by search engines as well as humans
  2. Blog Comment Spamming

    Old Tactics – Some folks still leave comments on blogs such as “Visit my discount pharmaceuticals site” and not even reading the article.

    New Tactics – Read the article and make comments and suggestions about the article such as taking part in the discussion of the subject matter.

  3. Search Engine Submission

    Old Tactics – This is no longer necessary. However, it is still being done by new and even more experienced webmasters, thinking that robots might skip their sites.

    New Tactics – A better approach to get discovered is get links. You can use your favorite social media and drop a link there. Twitter, facebook and others are crawled by search engines so your new site can be discovered quickly. You can use a site like ping.fm that offers the ability to post a message and link to dozens of social media sites almost instantaneously.

  4. Meta Tag Optimization

    Old Tactics – Search engines used to love meta tags such as keywords attribute. However, search engines no longer use them because many webmasters have abused them.

    New Tactics – Google is on record they pay no attention to keywords meta tag. Instead, try using category and tag systems to better label and organize your site content.

  5. Link Exchanges

    Old Tactics – Granted Interlinking is glue that binds the Web, webmasters must not actively engage in link exchange schemes to intentionally influence ranking, in turn bringing Google’s wrath.

    New Tactics – A better approach is to offer testimonials to business vendors you work with. Write something favorable but sincere about a vendor.

In a Nutshell
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has undergone changes that we must be on alert to follow. Be sure to avoid the Old Tactics mentioned above lest search engines penalize your site.

This post was inspired by an article written by Ken Lyons published in Website Magazine.

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