5 Old-School Games You Can Play on a Smart-TV

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Today’s generation will never know the beauty of the classics. With this weekly availability of new games in app stores (and with it, in-apps purchases!), it is no wonder that children will always find better and “shinier” games to quickly replace the old.

However, if you consider yourself a gamer and a lover of the classics, then you better sit straight and hold on to your seats, because you are about to be falcon-punched in the gut by good old nostalgia!

Are you all set and ready? Good, because from here on, we will be showing you five popular games from the olden times, all re-mastered and ready for your itching fingers to download and play!

  1. PAC-MAN

    Nothing can be more iconic than Namco’s yellow muncher from the 1980s. Created by Japanese video game designer Toru Iwatani, Pac-Man became an instant favorite the moment it stepped foot in the United States on October 1980.

    Even today, Pac-Man is still as popular as it was when it was first released. So popular, in fact, that the game is now available for download in Android and iOS.

    What’s more, the app is exactly how you old-school gamers remember it, with its original 1980 maze but with 9 more mazes to unlock.

    And if that is not enough to spark your gamer interest, also know that the gameplay is just as it was in the 80s – move around the screen and avoid the ghosts, unless you got yourself a power-up so you can eat them.

    New power-ups are also released, which allow you to go on stealth mode or shoot lasers. How cool is that?



    He’s the fastest man alive! And, apparently, the sassiest protagonist of a video game franchise created and produced by Sega in the year 1991.

    The game revolves around (you guessed it) Sonic, a blue hedgehog with an attitude as slick as his speed, whose life was turned upside down when the evil Dr. Eggman showed up with his plans for world domination.

    With the new and re-mastered mobile version, you can now play as Sonic or one of his friends (Tails, Amy, Knuckles, you name it) to conquer the dungeons, gather some rings, and beat the villains with your snazzy combos and epic battle poses.

    If you are a fan, you will certainly enjoy revisiting the familiar stages and landscapes as you jump over obstacles to save the world.



    The mother of all shooting games, Tomohiro Nishikado’sSpace Invaders is out once againto steal your attention, time, and, possibly, your 100-yen coins!

    Released in 1978, Nishikado reportedly drew inspiration from Star Wars and Breakout: The War of the Worlds when he designed the game.

    Not only did the game become an inspiration for other shooting videogames, it was also re-released countless times on numerous platforms which led to several more sequels.

    Now you can play the game once again, in HD, to give you a full flashback on what made your childhood so memorable and epic.



    I love the smell of gun powder in the morning! When arcades were still a thing, the Metal Slug machines totally dominated the whole area (and totally ate all of your school allowances, admit it.).

    Created by SNK, Metal Slug is a series primarily of run and gun video games, although spin-offs like a third-person shooter and a tower defense game are also included.

    The entire gaming franchise revolves around a ragtag team of soldiers from the Peregrine Falcon Squad who fight against a rebel army (that eerily reminds you of Hitler), aliens, and other villains all intent on world domination.

    Now the game is back so you can save more bearded hostages (who will give you goodies in return) and clear wave after wave of enemies with more weapon upgrades and power-ups!


  5. SNAKE ‘97

    We all owned a Nokia at some point. And because we had a Nokia in our hands, we also fell victim to the craze that was Snake.

    Simple and oddly addicting, the point of Snake is to eat all the fruits (or stars, or whales, or whatever) and beat the high score before you end up biting your own body or tail.

    If you missed the golden age of Snake, you can always either buy a new Nokia brick or download the simulator for your smartphone or Smart TV.

    And what’s even more interesting is that the simulator comes complete with Nokia phone backgrounds that you can freely choose. Talk about nostalgia, right?


Technology is advancing at a rapid state. So fast, in fact, that it almost seems to make you feel either overwhelmed or left out.

Thankfully though, you always have the ever-beloved classics to help you whenever technology’s advancement makes you feel old and outdated.

And what’s more, it is definitely possible to, once again, play a few of your retro favorites on your Smart TV!

With Well Global’s IPTV Solution Android Smart TV Box, you can transform your gaming experience and relish in that fuzzy feeling you always get when you play with the classics but now in glorious HD!

So if you ever feel like coming back to play those retro games, always remember that Well Global’s got your back.

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