5 Practical Technology Trends in Self Storage

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Urbanization is causing the real estate prices to go up which results in homes and apartments getting smaller and smaller. This creates a lot of problems, which are usually storage-related.

Many people choose to book a self storage to relieve their homes of clutter. However, since the way people do business is migrating from real to virtual space, storage facilities need to learn how to attract tech-savvy users in order to stay relevant.

So, here are five of the most practical tech trends in self storage.

5 Practical Technology Trends in Self Storage 1

  1. Kiosks for fast and easy booking

    Kiosks are becoming quite popular over the past few years.

    Installation of a kiosk means the customers can choose a unit, book it, get insurance and lock their unit at any time of the day just by using a touchscreen. This means that storage facilities can operate 24/7, and always be available to their customers.

    Additionally, some kiosks also have video surveillance! There are always people who have trouble operating the kiosk or have some specific questions where only a live person can help, so some kiosk models also have support call centers.

    Kiosks, even those with full equipment and all the additional services cost less than an employee and can work non-stop.

  2. 5 Practical Technology Trends in Self Storage 2

  3. Smart locks

    Good security is key to a self-storage service’s success, and many customers choose their provider according to safety measures they offer.

    However, since many facilities keep their empty units unlocked and have no staff, it leads to unauthorized access or some occupied units being damaged or robbed. However, smart locks prevent both of these problems.

    If you replace the key with a keypad, it means all your empty units can stay locked and all access can be monitored without the use of bulky keys and padlocks.

    Smart electronic locks are much more difficult to damage or pick, which means that no average thief can break in.

  4. 5 Practical Technology Trends in Self Storage 3

  5. Employment of digital technology

    Some storage companies also employ sophisticated IT technologies to enable booking and payment via smartphone and computer.

    For instance, if you want to rent a space, simply open an app which will show you all the vacancies, prices and free dates.

    Once you set the date and choose your unit, you can pay for it online. Upon payment, you get a digital key to your unit. This way, you can book your unit, unlock it, store your things and go home at any time of day, and no additional hardware is necessary.

  6. It’s all about practicality

    There are storage companies that offer a new form of practicality: they bring the storage to you! No more driving to your storage space and carrying boxes from your home, to your car just to dump them in the storage facility.

    For instance, a company that deals in practical mobile storage in Brisbane will leave their mobile unit at your doorstep and come pick it up when you’re done.

    This service is especially handy when you’re moving or renovating your home since it eliminates the need for dozens of moving boxes and moving trucks.

    Once you want your stuff back, just call them and they will deliver your mobile unit to your desired address.

  7. 5 Practical Technology Trends in Self Storage 4

  8. Quick access and safety

    Since security is so important for users these days, some facilities also invest in advanced software that allows people to access their storage using a mobile app.

    These apps allow real-time surveillance feed and the ability to lock and unlock your storage with your phone, no matter where you are. No more worrying whether you’ve locked your unit or not.

These tech trends make booking, payment, security and the actual use of your storage space much easier and quicker. As technology advances and becomes an important part of our lives, self-storage owners will all need to either embrace new tech or be left behind.

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